Community Quilts from Laurie and Ray

I have charity quilts to share with you…I love the days I have finished quilts to share.  I thought that over the holidays I wouldn’t get many in as you’d all be busy but I was wrong.  Then I got thinking there might be more scaled back holidays so people would have more time than normal to finish quilts.  All I know is there there is a need and I’m so thrilled to be part of team that works to meet those needs.

On with quilts from Laurie.  She writes:

Here are two quilts I recently quilted. The first is from Beth who did a beautiful job on the kaleidoscope star pattern.

The second quilt is a Christmas themed Rudolph quilt from the Cresco ladies. I quilted it with your poinsettia and ribbon pattern.  I’m loving your You Tube tutorials and the “Sew with Jo” also! The videos are very informative and inspirational. Great job. The child’s quilt will be donated to Christmas house. They provide Christmas presents for needy children. The beautiful quilt from Beth will be donated to Claire’s Place for their annual fundraising auction which will be on line this year. They provide counseling and housing for homeless adults with substance issues.

You can find my Poinsettias and Ribbons video below.  I’m so excited that you guys are using these videos.  I have more planned and am so excited to be sharing them with you soon.

I have a quilt from Ray to share with you today too…Ray writes:
I just finished this lovely quilt that was made by Gayle.
I really like the pattern she used as well as the fabric colors. The individual pieces are large enough that you can see and appreciate each fabric and the colors all blend together so well.
With so many lines in the quilt, I decided to go with a circle meander pattern to soften the look.
I selected the bone-colored thread as it blended in so well with the fabrics. The backing is from Linda W. in NY.

My thanks to you, Gayle and Linda for your contributions to this community quilt which is sure to brighten someone’s day.”

I loved seeing today’s community quilts.  It’s awesome to have so many quilts coming in that we can show so many each week.  Thanks to the many who helped make these quilts happen.


8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie and Ray”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Oh how I like those quilts! They are beautiful. I have watched your videos to date and enjoy them plus teaching me good ideas. Thank you.

  2. Warning… wordy comment ahead. I got busy, so I just caught up on your blog. Loved your Xmas day post so much! The smiles on Carver’s face! Making tamales! That brought back a good memory for me of making tamales with my late MIL and her grandmother. Me, a 20 something gringa alongside 2 talented hispanic women. Miss them so much! Your post was so uplifting. Glad you went to church. Glad you baled out of a bad book. Glad to see everyone looking well. Glad to see the charity quilters quilting. Glad you include us in your life. Blessings

  3. Beautiful finishes–thanks Laurie, and Ray, thanks to those providing the quilt tops etc and to Jo for posting, Have a great day!!

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