Community Quilts: From Laurie and Laurie

Today I have a couple of quilts for you from a couple of finishers.

I got a message the other day from a friend of a friend named Laurie.  I don’t know her but she heard about me from her friend.  She knew of a family in need and a benefit was being organized to help them out. She was wondering if I might have a quilt top that she could finish for the benefit.  Well…I did.  I ended up sending her several quilt tops and told her to finish them as needed for area benefits or those in need.

A short time later I got a message back and she already had one finished.

This one is so cute.  It’s a fussy cut. eye spy quilt.  Each of the blocks in the quilt has a different fussy cut novelty print.  You might be able to see a pretzel along the edge.  It was such a great idea for a kids’ quilt top.

Laurie did some custom quilting in spaces along the edge. Check it out…

What a special touch.

Laurie writes:
This seek and find quilt is headed to a 7 yr old with leukemia. I sent mittens, a table runner a child’s car seat cape, and a nice quilt for the silent auction.”

Sadly, I don’t remember who donated this top.  If it was you, please leave a comment in the comment section.  We’d love to recognize your wonderful work and donation!

I have another community quilt from a different Laurie…what a coincidence that two Laurie’s are finishers and both sent quilts that I can put together in one blog post.

Laurie writes:
This is perfect for a wheelchair quilt to be donated to a local nursing home where they use them for Bingo activity prizes. I heard a story that when the new quilts are delivered there is a lot of interest and ooohing & aaahing that goes on. Quilts are very cherished by this generation so I try to put a little “extra” into each one.”

Here is Laurie’s finish…

She did some amazing machine quilting on this to give it the “extra” she was talking about.

I believe this was a top that came for the Cresco Ladies.  I remember them having some larger orphan blocks and adding borders to them.  What a great finish!!

Laurie said it finished at 45” x 45”.

How fun and what great work done by the two Lauries!!  Thanks to everyone who had a part in making the tops and the finishing.  Great work team!!


7 thoughts on “Community Quilts: From Laurie and Laurie”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    A heap of praise for finishers Laurie and Laurie. Jo, thank you for responding to a family in need! Each of these quilts will be so special for the recipient.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Both quilts are an oohhh and ahhhh. Love the prayer on the back of the boys quilt adding a prayer from this grandma. The wheel chair quilt looks to be a lovely addition for someone comfort.

  3. So proud quilters enjoy making and praises to machine quilters who go the extra mile volunteers are the greatest

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