Community Quilts From Laurie

I’m adding in a few extra Community Quilt posts.  I’m trying so hard to get caught up on them.

Laurie has been on a roll finishing quilts right and left.  I ended up using some of the postage money and had a roll of batting sent to Laurie.  Thanks so much for donations to the postage fund that could make the donation of batting to Laurie happen.  In the upcoming few weeks you’ll see many more of Laurie’s finishes.

I believe all of these quilt tops came from the Cresco ladies.  Laurie does such a great job finishing them up and making them shine.

I’ve heard people use the term “frosting a quilt” for then the machine quilting is done.  I don’t feel like I frost quilts but I sure feel like Laurie does!  WOW.  Check out the pretty feathers.

The feathers show up so well on the back.  Aren’t they pretty?

Here is a close up from the front.  The variegated thread is so pretty.

The next quilt is so cute with the…little panel print characters.

Laurie found two pieces of fabric that looked good with the front and seamed them together for a nice backing.

Here you can see the machine quilting…nice!

As I said, Laurie is really on a roll with finishing quilts.  Here is another of her finishes.

This one is smaller and the quilting on it is really nice too.  It’s fun to see the corner to corner motif.

Here is the backing so you can see a better view.

But wait!!  There is another top too.
This is a four patch quilt.  I love the little fussy cut people in the squares.

Laurie has a talent for making those alternate blocks shine.  This was a fun motif she used in this quilt.

The blue backing was a great pick.  The custom quilting really shows up nicely on it.

I think Laurie and the Cresco ladies teamed up to make some really fine quilts that will go out in the world and help people in need.  THANKS SO MUCH!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts From Laurie”

  1. Lovely quilting on these pretty quilts. I’m sure the recipients will love their gift.
    Keep up the good work to both the Cresco ladies and the lady who quilted the quilts.
    Bless all of you.

  2. Very nicely finished quilts. The children’s panel one is very cute. Thanks to all who helped getting these quilts made and finished.

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