Community Quilts from Laurie

Laurie has been super busy quilting away.  I just love getting emails from her with finished quilts.

I believe all the tops in today’s post were made by the Cresco ladies.

First up is this alternating four-patch quilt.  Check out the great custom quilting Laurie did in the big green squares.

Those pretty floral motifs really make the green space shine!

The quilt got a busy backing and a scrappy green binding to finish it off.   I love a scrappy binding.

I didn’t look close enough before.  The quilt blocks actually include some four-patch and some disappearing four-patch blocks.

Here is one last look…

The next quilt is…scrappy charm square quilt.

I’m sure any kid would love it.  I know the kids here love things novelty print.

You can see the great custom quilting Laurie did on this…

I’ve used this motif before and have enjoyed doing it.

Laurie picked the perfect backing fabric.  I love fabrics like this that have several colors so they always match.

It looks like the binding fabric is a little blue print with yellow stars…also perfect!

This is a perfect example of a quilt that doesn’t need to be fancy but still looks great.

Bonus day!!  I have another quilt from Laurie and the Cresco ladies.

Here this floral creation is ready for binding.  It matches perfectly so I’m guessing this binding was included when it was sent off to Laurie.

You can see for quilting that Laurie did a big floral motif in the flowered section.  Meanders and swirls join in to make a very pretty display of machine quilting.

What a perfect backing to compliment the flowers on the front!

Don’t you think?

Laurie always amazes me with her great quilting!

She can really make the quilts shine!!

Thanks to the Cresco ladies and of course to Laurie too for bringing these quilts to life.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Pamela Roberts

    Hi Jo
    This is a question for the Ask Jo section.
    Jo do you use steam when you press your patches and seams. I notice that Bonnie Hunter never uses steam but a dry iron and a spray if needed but Eleanor Burns uses steam.
    I press the patches dry on a wool mat (which incidentally stinks to High Heaven if I use steam on it) but use steam on the joining seams and the finished quilt front. So far I have taken care not to stretch anything when I’ve steamed it and it does look better and lies flatter but I wonder whether there are any pit falls waiting to be discovered. Don’t want the Quilt Police knocking on my door!
    Regards Pam

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Laurie did wonderful quilting bringing beauty to these quilts. Thanks to the Cresco ladies again and Jo for the exhibit!

  3. Two delightful quilts finished by Laurie. She’s very clever at choosing just the right quilting motif, backing and biNding so they all turn out so differently.

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