Community Quilts from Laurie

Laurie has been a busy-busy girl and I’m thrilled to be able to share some of her most recent community quilt finishes with you.

Laurie is truly a talent when it comes to longarming.  She is creative with her custom quilting and it’s so beautiful so you are in for a treat.

Sadly, I’m not sure who made the quilt tops originally…all I know is they are beautiful with very nice colors.

This turned out great!  I think this is a variation of Jacob’s Ladder.  If it’s not, I’m sure some will correct me in the comment section.

You can see more of a close up of the quilting here.
Here’s a closer picture so you can better see the quilting…

I know many of you appreciate seeing the quilting as it gives you ideas on how to quilt some of the things you are working on.

One more look…

So nice.

Now, this next one amazed me…You might think, “Oh just a jelly roll race quilt”…but LOOK.  Look at the wonderful quilting Laurie added to it.  WOW.

Here is another picture.

Now, for a few close-ups…

Notice how each strip has a different design??


Here is the backing…

Next is another top that looks great after Laurie’s work…

What a fun kitty print for the backing…

Thanks so much Laurie for finishing these up.  As I said, I do not know who to thank for making the tops.  If you or your group did make the tops, please leave a comment in the comment section so we can thank you.

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Now that’s using your imagination to custom quilt a good quilt into a great one. Thanks for the boost Laurie. Thanks for sharing Jo!

  2. All the quilts are so pretty and nicely quilted. It is fun t o get ideas for my own quilts from the ones shared here. Thanks to all for your great work and donating your time and fabrics.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Laurie, enjoyed seeing your beautiful quilting you added to each of these quilts.. Thanks to those who stitched the tops and Jo for presenting them for our enjoyment!

  4. LOVE the first one –but they are all beautiful–and the quilting is terrific!! Whoever gets to enjoy all of them are blessed with all of those that generously share their talents, time Laurie’s work and everything that Jo does along the way.

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