Community Quilts from Laurie

Oh my word…Laurie has been on roll with finishing quilts.  She finished a lot in May and now here we are in June and she has more to share. I love it.

Here are the quilts.  I believe all of these tops came from the Cresco ladies.  You can see Laurie does some amazing quilting on these and the quilts really come to life with her wonderful custom quilting.

First up is a 42” x 50” top…

Donated to Everett Fire Dept. Paramedics

Next is a cute Care Bears themed top finishing at 42” x 50”.

Donated to Everett Fire Dept. Paramedics

This is one of those panel of fabric designed to be made into a book.  The fabric was donated to the Cresco ladies and they opted to make it into a quilt instead.  Great idea.

The next quilt is so cute…see??It finished at 40” x 44”.  The design is really simple but Laurie’s quilting really livens up the simple design.  What a cute quilt!

Donated to Everett Fire Dept. Paramedics

Here’s another finishing at 43” x 45”.  Again this will be donated to the Everett Fire Dept. Paramedics.

I love the polka dot backing.

The last quilt Laurie shared finished at 42 1/2” x 48 1/2” and was also donated to Everett Fire Dept. Paramedics.

I really enjoyed looking at the backs of the quilts as the wonderful machine quilting Laurie did can really be more easily seen.

Laurie has a great knack for picking machine quilting designs that really compliment the quilts.  That is a real talent.

Thanks so much to the Cresco Ladies for putting together the tops and to Laurie for quilting them.  Great Job ladies!!

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Love these quilts–the Cresco Ladies did a beautiful job with color and borders on each of these quilts as well as Laurie did on her choice of quilting patterns.

  2. All quilts are so pretty and beautifully quilted. Thanks for all the work by Laurie and the Cresco ladies – great jobs!

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