Community Quilts from Laurie

I have quilts for you today from Laurie and Debbie from NY.  Laurie has been on fire with finishing quilts.

First up with this pretty rainbow-style quilt going from yellow to browns.  So pretty and I’m sure will be loved.  
Here is the backing…

I apologize for the small pictures.  I tried to get them to enlarge but they didn’t.

Next up is…an awesome scrap quilt.  I love when people use gray as the background fabric.
Here you can see the machine quilting…

Here is the backing.
Laurie wrote:
Everett Quilt Guild donates the children’s quilts to the Everett and Snohomish fire departments to give to kids for comfort who have suffered trauma. The smaller, older style quilts are given to Bethany Crest assisted living for use as lap quilts for seniors in wheel chairs. The larger quilts are donated to Clare’s Place transitional housing for homeless adults or the Everett School District Kids in Transition program for homeless children.”

It sounds like their group has some amazing helpers that they are supporting!!  It’s great to see a group support so many.  Thanks for your work Laurie and Debbie!!


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  1. More beautiful quilts! Such wonderful charities they are going to. Thank you all for your help com[pleting these so they can get in the hands of someone who will love them.

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