Community Quilts from Laurie

I’ve had so many emails come in over the last bit filled with Community quilts. Today is Laurie’s day to be featured. She finished queen-sized quilts and I’m sharing them with you today.

Laurie writes:
“I have two queen-sized quilt finishes for you today. They will be donated to Clare’s Place. Clare’s Place provides 65 units of permanent supportive housing for chronically homeless and vulnerable households in Snohomish County. They have a 98% success rate!

These beautiful quilt tops and separate backing materials were sent to me by Jo’s generous blog readers. I think they will bless and warm their new owners.

Laurie didn’t say who made the tops…I suspect it might be her but I don’t know for sure. All I do know is that I love them and they look A-mazing!!

Laurie did take time to dress the tops up with some wonderful feathered quilting.

Isn’t this so pretty? I love the color and design and Laurie’s quilting just made it shine.

This Bear Paw quilt done in reds is another beauty.

Laurie took some pictures of it when it first got on the frame…

and some after she did her great quilting. It looks so nice.

I love the backing she chose. I previously was a gal that often used a cream or white-based backing or backing that completely complimented the front. In this case, I would have picked a red. I’m doing betting now venturing out and using a backing that has a touch of the colors from the front as Laurie did with this quilt. I love it.

Here’s another photo showing off Laurie’s talent. It looks so nice.

Many thanks to the top maker and Laurie for finishing it. These are both beautiful quilts that I am sure will bring comfort and warmth to the recipients. Thanks for taking the time to take the pictures, Laurie. It’s much appreciated.

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Such beautiful quilts!! Great job quilting them, Laurie. You did a beautiful job. Many thanks to all of you for your time and generosity.

  2. Beautiful and so colorful and the red and white (cream) is outstanding. Thank you Laurie! These certainly will give warmth and comfort to a recipient.

  3. Beautiful job! I’m sure the people will appreciate them. My sister lives in WA and I’ve driven through that area from Omaha NE.It’s quite a ride- down the mountain… Great job!

  4. What beautiful quilts! All the quilters here have chosen such important charities. 98% success; that’s fabulous and I bet the quilts help!

  5. Katherine Gourley

    Such beautiful quilts. I do not always comment but so enjoy looking at the community quilts you share. My hands tremor so much commenting can be a challenge as my disease progresses. I once belonged to a group that made “charity” quilts using only one pattern using 6 inch squares using the ugliest fabrics anyone could find. And the reply was always the same that they would be appreciated. I finally got to the point that if they could not be pretty with some different patterns and fabrics I was wasting my time. I left the group without regret, but I wish I could meet up with a different group, but my hands won’t let me and I no longer drive.

    1. A member of my quilt club once told me that “every quilt is pretty when it’s done.” I was skeptical, so I chose the dullest nine fabrics in my stash and made a Crazy Nine Patch. Maybe it was the William Morris print border or the loving hand quilting, but the result was a quilt I quite liked. It won the purple Best of Show ribbon that year at our county fair!

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