Community Quilts from Laurie

Laurie sent in a nice bunch of quilts that she recently finished.  I think they are all from the Cresco Ladies.

First up is what she’s calling the Orphan block Medallion.  It finishes at 40” x 41 1/2”.

I think I remember this one as it passed through my hands. Laurie did a great job with it.

The Cresco Ladies love when people gift them orphan blocks or projects that were abandoned as the triangle blocks were.

What a great backing!!

Next up is a quilt Laurie called… Bunnies.  It finished at 40 1/2” x 43”.

If you look close, all of the blocks are scrappy and all have bunnies in them.  what a great way to coordinate fabrics.

Laurie did some great quilting on this one.  I think one of the motifs is called a wishbone.  I’ve not tried that before and Laurie’s great work is making me think I probably should.

Again, a great backing fabric!

Next up is a Floral quilt measuring 45” x 55”.  I think it is one of the 3-yard quilts that the Cresco Ladies often make.  It really is a great pattern for using up three one-yard cuts of coordinating fabrics.

I can’t see the motif used in the floral area but I can see it on the red fabric.  I think using that dark thread color was perfect.  It makes the dark florals look really great with the red.

I don’t remember if the Cresco Ladies supplied the backing fabric or if it was a major coincidence that Laurie had some of the same print.

It turned out really nice.

The last quilt of the day is a Panel Christmas Jelly Roll Race quilt that measures 38” x 47”.

It looks like the center was a panel and then someone made a jelly roll race quilt.  It looks like the pieces of it were cut and used as borders.  So creative.

Laurie had the perfect backing and what a great idea to use a scrappy border for the binding.

Laurie did a wonderful job of getting these done.  Laurie gifts quilts to the local EMS services and quilts are given to people who get a ride in the ambulance.  What a perfect way to wrap people who are injured in a blanket of love.  Thanks to the Cresco Ladies and to Laurie for their great work.


8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    The Cresco ladies are so creative with their designs. Laurie, your quilting is a beautiful finish to these
    quilts. Thanks to each of you.

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