Community Quilts from Laurie

Laurie sent a few emails filled with lots of quilts that she has busily been longarming.  I believe all of these came from the Cresco Ladies but I’m not positive.  If you are someone who donated, please leave a comment.  We want to let everyone know it was you who donated the top.

First up is this quilt…it’s perfect for a vet with all of the camouflage prints.

I think this next picture is more of the true colors.  Taking pictures of quilts and cross-stitch is so hard. The lighting can really make a mess of things sometimes.

Laurie included a nice picture of her close-up work… The little swirls in the narrow piece are so cute.

You can see more of the great quilting in this photo from the backside.

Next up is a charm square quilt that is set on point.  I am relatively positive that this one was made by the Creso Ladies.  The reason I know is that the striped fabric that is green and gray was once my shower curtain.  HA!!

The curtain was made of good quality 100% cotton fabric so why not use it up and give it new life??

Here you can see the awesome quilting that Laurie did.  She is such a talent.

I love these next quilts.  I really love the simplicity of a charm square quilt.

This quilting motif was a fun way to dress up a simple quilt.  Best yet, I could handle that motif.  I love getting ideas from others.  Thanks Laurie.

Here is the backing fabric.  That’s another thing I love about charm square scrappy quilts, ANYTHING GOES for the backing.

Here is another of the same design only this one is all different colors.  I see that shower curtain fabric of mine again.  I love how industrious the Cresco Ladies are sewing together the scraps to get blocks big enough to put in the quilt.

Here’s another great backing.

Remember that great thrift store fabric haul I had?  There was black and yellow fat quarter in the mix and I planned to make an Iowa Hawkeyes quilt with the fabric.  Well, I’m thinking I should make a quilt like these.

I think novelty print quilts look best in a simple design.  Then the pretty prints can shine.

So fun!!  Here’s the backing…

Here’s a super fun busy print quilt.

There are lots of people in the prints.  With that in mind, check out the backing fabric.  All full of handprints!!

Here’s another charm square beauty.  This one is more masculine.

Again…a perfect backing fabric!!

…and one more.  This one has a few prints but included a lot of solid prints too.

This is the perfect backing fabric too.

Laurie is sending all of these to the local fire station.  They get distributed to people in need.  Fire victims, car accident victims and anyone else in need gets to choose a quilt.  What a great service to those in need who need a little comfort in a crisis situation.  Thanks for being a great helper in your neighborhood Laurie.  Impressive and many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for the great quilt tops.

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Laurie”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice quilting Laurie and thanks to the Cresco ladies, who with regularity keep sewing up the quilt tops.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Thank you Jo, Cresco Ladies and Laurie. Those quilts are lovely and the backings are nspiring much joy in every quilt.

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