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I have a big treat for you in this blog post.  Laurie has been super busy and has finished a lot of quilts.  I always love seeing Laurie’s quilts as she always does a great job.  Sadly, I don’t know for sure who made the tops.  As I was quickly trying to ship things out, a few didn’t get labeled.

We have four to share with you today.

I think this is one of the Cresco Ladies’ famous 3-yard quilts…I’m not sure.  Just a guess.

I made that guess whenever I see a quilt with three colors.  HA!!

Laurie is great at custom quilting.  Check out those big flowers in each red square.

Here is the back.  You can see the flowers… much better.  What a perfect backing.

The next quilt is a sports-themed quilt.

You can see this was custom quilted too.  Check out the fun design in the white border.

Here is the backing for that.  I love the plaid binding.

This one looks a little “Fruity”.  Notice the fruit and veggie fabrics in this one?

What a fun quilt.  The colors are awesome.  Having that one around would surely remind you to eat your fruits and veggies.

The custom quilting can’t be seen on the front with the bright colors.  Here you can see it on the back.

Next up is this pretty one.  Look at those fancy blocks.

Here it is lying out waiting for the final touches on the binding.  You can see come of the great custom quilt work.

If you REALLY want to see it, check out the backing.  WOW.  It’s a piece of art!

Laurie also sent a picture of her “quality control advisor”…a.k.a., her cat.  What a precious picture.

Thanks so much to everyone who made these quilts happen.  I apologize for not getting the quilts labeled before they were sent out.  I recognize a couple as tops from the Cresco Ladies but I don’t think all of them were from them.  If you donated one of these tops, please chime in and let us know it was you.

Many of the quilts Laurie finishes go to local fire and EMS who distribute them as needed for people who are going through a rough time.

Laurie is #22 on the donation page.  She lives in Washington state.  If you have goodies to send Laurie’s way to help in her charitable efforts, it would be great.  You can find the donation page, HERE.

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  1. Oh what beautiful quilts!! All so nicely quilted also. Thanks to all who donated time and materials so someone will be touched with some extra love.

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