Community Quilts from Laurie

I have two community quilts to share with you today…both are from Laurie.  She does a wonderful job on all of the quilts that are sent her way.  I love seeing her work.

Both of today’s quilts originated from the Cresco ladies.  Laurie took on a stack of their quilts and has been working through them.

First up is this pretty blue one.  Here you can see it on Laurie’s machine as she is working on it.

Here it is finished…

The blue in the photo above is the real color.  I remember the quilt coming in and loving the deep color.

You can see that Laurie did some great custom quilting.  The arches in the squares look so good.  It’s the perfect touch of decoration that is a good balance letting the stitching and the colors both shine.

Here is the pretty backing fabric…

The binding is a great match to the border fabric.

Up next is another quilt that has a lot of blue in it…

This one is perfect for a baby boy. Seeing this makes me smile.  Do you see the stripe in the lighter-colored blocks?  That was my shower curtain!  It’s the honest to goodness truth.  When Kramer and I were fixing our house I needed a shower curtain for the upstairs bathroom.  At the time I didn’t know how I was going to decorate the room…what colors or anything.  All I knew is that I needed something that would “do for now”.  I happen to be at the thrift store and they had two matching curtains.  That’s exactly what I needed as the curtain was to go around the clawfoot tub.  For those, you need a curtain for each side.  I popped them in the cart.  They were made of 100% cotton fabric.  $2 each.  I got them home and they were too long.  I hemmed them.  We used them for two years until I figured out what I wanted to do in the bathroom.

I ended up taking them down, washing them, and was going to donate them to Goodwill.  Then I remembered that I hemmed them and they wouldn’t be useful to anyone else…so I tossed them in the box for the Cresco ladies.

…and now they are in a quilt.  Isn’t that fun??

As you can see there is fun custom quilting in the blocks and a stipple pattern in the borders.  It’s the perfect choice for this quilt!!

Look how pretty the quilting on is…

I really love it.  I wish I was better at coming up with quilting motifs when I’m at the longarm.  Laurie is definitely a talent.

Thanks so much to the Cresco ladies and to Laurie for making these wonderful quilts.

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  1. Ahhhh so pretty again — each shows so much talent! From the creating the quilt itself-to the long arm quilter—these were certainly showcased perfectly.

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