Community Quilts from Kathleen and Ray

Kathleen sent some finished quilt pictures to me this spring and I lost them, but have since found them.  YAHOO.  I felt terrible for losing them.  Here are her quilts.  I didn’t get any names on who donated them.  If it was you, please leave a comment so we can thank you.

The first one is a pretty chevon quilt in rainbow colors.  Gannon loves everything rainbow and commented that he loved this quilt.  I think he has good taste!!

I also got an email from Ray sharing …his latest goodies that came in the mail…

Ray writes:
Life has been quite busy around here lately. I have several special projects that I have been working on and keeping me distracted from long-arming community quilts.

I received two boxes of quilt tops from Patty K in FL over the weekend that are intended for Quilts for Kids once they are long-armed.

The first is a strip quilt with construction equipment fabric. It is 51 x 60 and will be great for a young boy to play with and enjoy.

Next is a cute little quilt made of bright-colored charm squares. It measures 35 x 35. Love the colors.

Then I found this string quilt. Love how she sashed the block. Bright and bold. It measures 39 x 51.

The next quilt she calls Lemonade. Great name. It is made from strips and put together in a large block fashion. It measures 42 x 51.

Then came this beautiful 9 patch with lots of batiks. Love all the great colors in it. It measures 37 x 48.

Next is a chevron quilt with sunny yellow sashing. It is 38 x 47.

Last are 2 quilts that appear to have been created from a 10″ stacker. One of the quilts is a 6 by 6 quilt of beautiful 10″ squares. The other quilt uses some 10″ squares as well as some charm squares for a bit of pattern variety. Great colors. One measures 57 x 57 and the other is 36 x 36.

Thanks, Patty.”

What great finishes by Kathleen and what great mail Ray got.  It’s always fun to see what gets finished and what gets done.  Seeing this always reminds me how thankful I am for our group!!  Thanks to every who was a part of making these quilts happen!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Kathleen and Ray”

  1. Good looking quilts. I think Gannon has a good eye for pretty quilts. Thanks to all who made these beautiful quilts.

  2. Joyous summer colors in all these quilts are sure to bring extra comfort and warmth to all who receive them. I love it that Gannon appreciates the rainbow quilt. You are such a good grandma, Jo, sharing your love of quilting, cooking, and family along with lots of other interests with those grand kids from a young age. How fortunate they are! Thanks for taking us along for all their adventures.

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