Community Quilts from Kathleen

I have quilts from Kathleen to share with you today…

Kathleen writes:
I have been enjoying quilting up some of the quilts you sent me in that gigantic blue bag!  Soon they will be on their way to Quilts Beyond Borders to snuggle a child somewhere in the world.”

I love how simple quilts like a jelly roll race quilt come to life once they are sandwiched together and quilted.  This one is exactly that.  I love the color mix.

Next up is…four patches put together with a black sashing.

Here is a little Raggedy Ann cutie.

Check out the pretty machine quilting in this one.  If you look at the blue squares, you can really see it.  This one is perfect for a frog-loving little boy.

I love the scrappy binding on it.  I often resort to scrappy borders when I don’t have enough of one color…plus scrappy bindings are a great way to use up scraps.

These quilts I believe were all many by the Cresco Ladies.  I am always curious how they organize and manage all the fabrics that they get in.  For example, the frog quilt fabric didn’t come in through donations all at once.  Some thought and organizing had to go into saving and organizing fabric for specific quilts.  I’m betting Sandra does most of that work…oh my.  It has to be a big job.

This next quilt is a rectangle affair.  I often forget about rectangles with quilting and lean my quilts towards squares.  I’ll have to move rectangles up the list as a block option.

Great work Kathleen.  I love that these will all be going to Quilts Beyond Borders.

Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies and Kathleen…and anyone else who had a part in the making of these quilts.  It’s wonderful to have so many helpers!!

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Kathleen”

  1. Great job: ) Hopefully one more week and we will be in the house. We had a series of set backs. Plumbing issues that over flowed all through the house and new flooring and air conditioner that we had to replace. Lots of unexpected – unexpected problems. But finally – God Willing we will get moved in over the next week. Thanks for being patient with me.
    June in Texas

  2. Judith M Fairchild

    Simple lyrics beautiful and fun. It takes a good imagination to come up with beauties like these. The simpler the quilt the more attention to the organization of the fabric.

  3. We have clear totes for each color at our church but I’d be interested to see the way the Cresco ladies organize their stash and see their work area. They certainly get a lot accomplished !

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Kathleen, you certainly finished several beautiful quilts. Thank you– along with t he Cresco ladies and helpers!

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