Community Quilts from Karin

I have a BUNCH of quilts to share with you today.  All are from Karin.

She writes:
Hi, Jo! It is still our rainy season here in sunny Florida, so I had to work around thunderstorms again this week. That’s ok, though, we never turn down the blessing of rain! Grab a cup of coffee, and sit back, if have 4 finishes to share with you tonight.  First up, we have a gorgeous pastel blue, flowered, and pale yellow cutie, accented in green, and would you believe, a sheet you sent me matches almost perfectly for the back.

Of course, I had to use my hook and flower motif on this one and I sprinkled in some leaves, vines, and loopy doodles, just for fun.  I put what I call “teeth” in the outer border because they (sort of) mimic the clamshell fabric.

I used a light gray cotton thread on top and in the bobbin, and this puppy finished up at 46×56.

Don’t worry, MY puppy has just had a bath, and despite those pleading eyes, has already had her dinner

This cutie is great for a quick…

cuddle or a game of I Spy with a little one.

Simple 4-inch patches of kids’ prints make this a great picnic playmat or naptime quilt.  It’s got Dr. Swiss, Frozen, movie tickets and popcorn buckets, Peanuts characters, TVs, and even a couple of Tinkerbells for good luck. It is bordered in black, which really makes all the colors pop!

My girlfriend paired it up with some yardage you had sent, with little faces, hearts, stars, circles, and inspirational sayings, for the backing. Using a light gray thread, I quilted simple arcs in each patch, from corner to corner, and by the time I got to the end, they were beginning to be pretty consistent!

This one finished at 46×54.

Aaaaand, she’s back!  Entirely appropriate, as this one is for a dog lover!!
I honestly don’t know how they do it, but those Cresco ladies sure can put some odd stuff together and make it work!  Tiny red gingham checks combined with 2 shades of solid aqua, orange dots, black with red paw prints, and various sizes and shapes of a cartoon doggie print all work together in this special quilt.  How did they even think of that? I wanted to quilts scattered paw prints, but, I’m just not that good yet, so I stuck to all-over, random loopy doodles and double circles. To me, it looks like the path, Bailey made while tracking a bunny in our backyard.  

The green clover backing was generously donated directly by Susan McC, from Austin, TX, and was pieced to fit, with an insert from my stash.

This one finished up at 44×54 and was quilted with a light gray on top and in the bobbin.

This one also appears to be in the style of the Cresco ladies…..take several unrelated, orphan blocks of different sizes and colors, sash them in black to make the colors pop, add a pretty border, and Voila! A quilt is born!  

I quilted this one with some new-to-me motifs.  I put mum-type flowers in the pieced squares and teardrop-shaped loops with swirls in the solid blocks.

Keeping with the floral theme, I put leaves and vines in the pink flowered border.

You had supplied the pink yardage I used for them back, and I used a real pretty pink thread on the top and in the bobbin.

The quilt finished at 44×56

WOW..wasn’t that a great group of quilts.  Karin did an amazing job.

If you want to help Karin out with backing fabric or binding fabric she is always needing some.  You can find Karin at #21on the quilt donation page.  You can find that HERE.

Thanks so much to the Cresco Ladies, Karin and all who helped make these quilts happen.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Absoltely lovely quilts. I wouldn’t be able to choose which one is best. Congratulations to the top makers and to Karen and her friend for inspired backings and quilting.

  2. Very nice and cute quilts and the quilting was beautiful!! Thanks to everyone who had a part making and finishing these. Your talents will be appreciated by each person who will get to snuggle in one of these.

  3. The Cresco ladies are amazing—they have a playful, fun way of putting things together and the skills to make it work. It would be fun to sew with them and learn a few things!
    Karin’s quilting and finishing is beautiful—that mum in the aqua square was especially wow!!

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