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As I’ve been cleaning out my inbox, I found a few quilts from Karin that I previously didn’t post.  They are all cute so you’re in for a treat.

Hi Jo, I can’t remember if I sent these photos already or not, so if I have, I apologize!  I got this one and the next one done just before we left on our first trip out of state since last year.  Both are good lap-sized and will be going to our local fire/EMS station for comforting kids in need. I think this superhero top was originally a backing, but I found some stashed fabric in my own closet and turned it into another quilt. Win-win, if you ask me!

I did free-hand cobwebs in the large Spiderman blocks, stitch in the ditch around the featured Spiderman and loopy doodles in the horizontal stripes.  The binding was self-made and machine stitched for durability.

Here is quilt #2…

Karin writes:
This is my last submission for today. Not only is it the last one I have ready, but it’s also time to start cooking dinner! This beauty came from Jill, with a sweet owl card attached. I guess she got tired of it and passed it along to you, to let someone else finish it up.  Well, let me just say THANK YOU, that gave me the perfect opportunity to learn how to stipple! Finally!!! I didn’t cross any lines and I never boxed myself in! For a change!  Apparently, that’s a much easier stitch on a longarm, as you’re not fighting and pushing a whole quilt at once!

I did freehand loops in the pieced circles and stipple in the side-setting triangles.  I stitched in the ditch all around the inside pink border, then took it off the frame to do a scallop around the edges, hopefully, somewhat similar to the fish scales on the back! Again, I didn’t have a big enough whole piece for the backs, but Jill had sent some scraps along, so I put them together in an ombre fashion, right down the middle. You can just barely see the backing peeking in on the front, as I did a self-binding on this one too.  

This one finishes up at 46×64, so it’s the largest of the bunch. It will be going to our local children’s shelter, and I’m sure a young girl will be appreciative when she gets it.

Thanks for letting me be a part of the blessings and journeys these quilts take.  I am open to accepting tops, unfinished projects, unwanted fabric, and batting directly. I will find a good home for everything I can!

Karin is #21 on the list of quilt finishers that you can find HERE.  Thanks so much for you work Karin and thanks to those who donated goodies to help these quilts make it to the finish line.




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