Community Quilts from Karin

Karin has been busy.  She sent in some pictures of her latest finishes.

Karin writes:
Wowsa, this one was really fun to quilt. 

At first, I wanted to get really fancy and do something cool in all the cream and white areas, but, to tell the truth, I’m just not that good or imaginative yet, and with them not connecting, I would have lots of thread breaks. Soooo, if decided an all-over meander would work. I could just modify my hearts a bit, and turn them into leaves! An aha moment if there ever was one!  So I did leaves and loops across the first row, then I decided with all the floral prints, I could toss in a posey here and there, so that’s what I did!  

I have finally figured out how to advance the quilt in the frame, and even just loading it is beginning to make more sense and be a bit easier.  I still suffer from “which way does the bobbin go in again?” syndrome, but after several continuous thread breaks, it figured out, it went the OTHER way. :)

So this quilt finished up at 45×52 and was backed and bound by your generous supply. It is destined for our local fire/EMS station.  Thank you for helping me learn my new longarm and help my community at the same time.

The next quilt is another finish from Karin.  She writes:
This appears to be another top from the prolific and talented Cresco ladies group. I think it might be made of scattered Disney dalmatian pups, but I’m honestly not sure, as we are out of touch with Disney characters, despite being Florida residents. I know, shame on us.  But, we are very familiar with State Parks and manatees, if that counts for anything!!!

I did small loopy doodles in the horizontal sashings, and connected hearts on the dark blue puppy areas. They seem to flow pretty easily, and I’m sure there will be lots of quilts with that motif in my future! 

Just some straight lines in the borders for added stability. 

This top is probably another one from the nimble fingers of the Cresco ladies group.  It’s a very simple pattern of patchwork but made more interesting by the various fabric choices. All types of colorful fishes, set off by blocks of bright solids and tone-on tones.

I wanted to quilt some swirlies, to represent ocean water, but, umm, well, apparently I haven’t figured that motif out just yet.  Seems my swirls are a little pointy, maybe could even pass for wood grain if you turn your head just right? 

The backing the ladies sent for this one was just as pretty and colorful as the front!  Unfortunately, it was just a smidge too small for my normal, turn-to-the-front self-binding, but, luckily, I found a piece of orange in my closet that matched closely, and was just big enough to make 5 strips at 2 and a quarter inches wide.  Turns out, I only used 4, so one went into the box of scraps I’m collecting for you, Jo!  These will be donated to the fire/EMS station to comfort a youngster in need.”

I emailed Karin and asked if she was willing to provide her address so backing fabrics or other goodies can be sent directly to her.  Karin was excited about that.  One of the main things she needs is backing fabric.  She’s been finishing quilts that are baby-sized to large lap sizes.

Karin wrote:
 Any surplus supplies/destashing items sent directly are most welcome, people can request my mailing address by emailing me at”

Thanks so much to the Cresco ladies for their hard work in putting the tops together.  Thanks to Karin for finishing this and thanks to anyone else who made these tops come to life.



15 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. I loved the “might even look like wood grain if you told your head just right”. That made me laugh out loud! Gladys Wahl, if your reading this could you please check your email? I’ve tried reaching out to you about some blocks that may work well for your charity. My email is my full name.

  2. Karin, breaking threads is often a needle issue. Turn the eye of the needle to face 530 on the clock. A hint from a long-arming friend. It works wonders!!!!

    Nice job! Love your posies and heart leaves :-)

    1. Karin A Callander

      Thanks! I’ll give that a try! Turns out, THIS TIME, bobbin was backwards, thank you Handi Quilter You Tune video.

  3. Jo, I wonder if you could put Karin’s info on your “Donation Page” so it is all in one place.

    Thank you.

  4. What a great quilting community you have, Jo! So talented and giving…
    I love Karin’s attitude – and she’s a boon to the charities. Blessings to all!

  5. Laurie Lauricella

    I have searched the blog but can’t locate the list of charity quilters we can send our projects to directly. Can someone point me in the right direction?

    1. Laurie Lauricella

      Ok, I did see the tab that says quilt donations and the one that says charity quilts but when I looked thru the lists none of the names (except 1) were the quilters who she features in these posts so I thought perhaps there was another list. Thank you all.

      1. Hi Laurie
        I updated that list. Any quilters that you see with **(two stars) behind their name are people who regularly are featured in the community quilt blog posts. Feel free to support anyone on the list. If you send something to the people/groups with two stars, they will be sure to email information about your donation. THANKS…Jo

  6. LOL guess it depends on what device you are on to find the menu. I am on an iPad and it’s at the top.

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