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I have two sets of emails from Karin all sharing wonderful quilts. I put some together in this post and will put together another post soon. She’s been busy!!

Karin writes:

Hi Jo, I am back with another set of finished quilt tops to share today. This first one, I believe, is an oversized Flying Dutchman block, repeated twice and a half. The triangles were absolutely huge, and presented quite a mental challenge as to how to quilt them to showcase the beauty of the fabric.

I didn’t have any rulers big enough to do anything, straight nor curved, so it was obviously going to be some sort of free motion. I knew I would meander in the white background, so I didn’t want to just meander over the triangles as well. I decided a swirly, hooked feather sort of stitch would work well, and it did serve to loosen up my shoulders from the ruler quilting that I had just finished up. This is a large quilt, finishing up at 62×78 and I used white thread on top and gold in the bobbin.

I believe the top was supplied by the amazing Cresco ladies and the backing was donated by my local quilt shop, Beyond the Stitches.

This was another Cresco donation, I think it was sent to me last year, but I never got around to it in time for Christmas.

My neighbor came over and wanted to see how the long arm worked, and this was all I had backing for at the time, so this is what I put on the rack. The red pickup trucks are quite vintage, yet trending now, and are offset nicely with the matching red, green, and plaid strips. Being as somebody was watching me quilt, I wanted to do something that would finish rather quickly and not take the concentration of ruler work, so free motion won out. I used a smaller meander in the trucks, wishbones in the red stripes, scrolls in the green, and I freehanded Christmas trees into the plaid areas.

I used white thread on top and tan in the bobbin and the backing fabrics came out of my stash. This quote finished up at 42 by 54. Needless to say, my neighbor was easily impressed, lol 

Next up we have a nicely coordinated set of floral fabrics interspersed with a few batiks. 

This would be an awesome pattern for a layer cake, or fabrics of just one theme, but all different. I had just finished up another queen sized ruler work custom quilt, so I was ready to loosen up and do some swirls!  I added flowers in at random, just to break it up and cover area quickly.  I used a variegated thread on top and gold in the bobbin.  The backing fabric was donated by one of my generous customers.

This quilt top finished at 40 in square, and I believe the amazing Cresco ladies should get credit for this one as well.

And last but certainly not least, we have this adorable set of applique puppy dogs, courtesy of Patty K, of West Palm Beach Florida. She is quite prolific and talented and we are lucky to have her in the group.

Conveniently enough, the variegated thread that was already loaded in the long arm, and the gold thread that was already loaded in the bobbin, worked awesome to add just the right touch to these sweet blocks. I practiced my wonky orange peels in the applique sections, my ribbon candy in the sashing in my swirls in the outer blood border. It was just enough to hold the quilt layers together but did not take away from the cuteness of the dogs. The cute kitties of the backing fabric were generously donated by Polly B, of Pensacola, who had found quite a bit of fabric on sale for pennies on the dollar at her local thrift store. 

Patty also sent along a little stuffed elephant she had made from scraps in this box. I neglected to get a photo of it, but it was gifted, along with all the quilts, to our local Firehouse, for distribution as necessary.

My deepest gratitude goes out to all the people who have donated their time, money or other resources to make this all happen, and to you, Jo, for all your efforts and help. Thank you all, ever so much.

Look at all the helpers who made these happen. Wonderful, wonderful. Karin always donates her top to the local fire station. They pass out quilts as needed whenever people are in need. It’s such a great place to donate. Many thanks to Karin and of course to the makers of the quilt tops!!

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  1. That first quilt is from the pattern Lazy Goose from Villa Rosa Designs. There are a lot of patterns available from their website.

  2. I like the quilted trees on the Christmas quilt! It’s great that you have so many talented people joining together to make quilts for such good causes.

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