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My blog troubles aren’t over. Right now a problem that I have is that scheduled posts aren’t automatically publishing…and then now tonight I went to publish this blog post and half of it is missing. UGH. I have gone back into my email and blah. I have since deleted the blog posts that Karin sent about these quilts. So sadly, we’re missing a couple of quilts that were supposed to be in this batch. I feel so terrible about it.

I have no idea what is up with the blog. Kayla is going to do some troubleshooting this week so hopefully we can figure it all out. If you are getting weird things from the blog or something isn’t right, now would be a great time to leave a comment in the comment section and let me know about it. We’d like to fix any and ALL problems in this troubleshooting session.

On top of that, I had a blog reader contact me. Her name is Sandie. Somehow when quilt tops got sent to Karin, I thought they were from Sandra from the Cresco Ladies group and told Karin they were. UGH. So some of the quilts that you have recently seen from Karin were actually made by blog reader Sandie, not the Cresco Ladies. I feel terrible about that mistake.

It was also a great reminder to me how glad I am that quilt top makers now send their quilt tops directly to a finisher so mix-ups like this don’t happen with quilt tops anymore. These were tops that had been here for a while and were sent out in “the great shipment” several months ago.

I greatly apologize to Sandie…I don’t want her to think her kindness has gone unnoticed.

So…here is the part of the blog post that is left. The beginning part just disappeared. UGH. My apologies to Karin and the quilt top makers of the quilts that disappeared.

Karin writes:

 Bringing up the end of the parade today, we have the promise of springtime and better weather ahead. Patty called this Flowered Butterflies and indicates it is a panel from Bonnie C of Georgia. It wasn’t long ago that I learned how to do flying butterflies and loops, as an all over pattern, but that motif seemed inappropriate for a sectional panel such as this. I really wanted these butterflies to stand out and I wanted the pink floral areas to look like sashing, even though it was only printed. I went ahead and sandwiched this entire top with backing and batting and took it to my sewing machine first. There I outlined all the pink floral areas with light pink thread and straight stitching with my walking foot. That stabilized the entire quilt, and defined the cheater blocks for me. Then I took it over to the quilting frame and using the same light pink thread to outline and accent all the butterflies and flowers of the panel. I loved adding some swirls in the empty spaces. In the large center section, I added a small stipple, not micro stippling, but smaller than a meander. Believe it or not I used the same light pink thread as in the hearts quilt previously shown. This time the pink showed up as creamy beige in the background. I used the last of some yardage that had been donated to me by Susan McC, in Austin, TX, some time ago. The orange, green and pink flowers seemed to be a perfect match for the cheery flowers of the front. This lap quilt finished up at 28×48, and I’m sure it will bring smiles for many years to come.

A great big thank you goes out to all the people that generously donated fabric, time, and money to warm the residents of Citrus County, Florida. I wish you all could come along with me when I drop quilts off at the firehouse. I always get multiple thank you’s and lots of appreciation.

YAHOO!! That was a great parade of finished quilts…from Christmas to Spring. Me…I love the Spring. Many thanks to everyone who made these quilts happen from those who donated fabric and sheets, to the top makers and of course to Karin for finishing them all!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. I’d like to contact Cheryl in Dallas. I am making a twin sized quilt top to give to her for her charity.

  2. Susan the Farm Quilter

    Problems with blog – when I hit the “Previous Post” to see if I missed any posts, frequently I’ll get a page of script. Since I’m not at the level of computer usage, I just close that out. Doesn’t happen all the time, but about 50% of the time.

  3. Sometimes at the end of your post and before comments, there is a list of previous posts and sometimes it doesn’t appear. Sometimes the whole post will appear and other times only part of it appears and then we have to click on ‘next page’ or some other wording and then the whole post will appear.

  4. Sometimes but not always I can’t get to your newest post
    The only way to read it is to go to end of second newest post and hit “next post” to read it love your blog hope things work out

  5. On some blogs, I see a list of the recent posts on the right hand side. I wonder if the location of the list of recent posts under the “current” post is causing some problems. I also get the “error” of clicking on the top post only to find out that it is actually the second most recent post.

    Also, can the link to show comments be at the end of the post since I have to scroll back up to the top to be able to display the comments?

    There are two sections of “related posts” – one has three posts, with pictures, and the second section has a list of four related posts.

    You also have your archives section using a drop down menu. Can the Tutorials and Blogroll sections also be under a drop down menu? Would having the drop down menus impact the speed of loading pages? I have seen one quilter who moved her tutorials to a new website, which was listed as a link on the upper right side. And, you do have a tab on the top with free tutorials and patterns, so are you duplicating links and does that impact speed of loading?

  6. This is just an FYI. I checked your website last night about midnight. There was a post about how you get so much done. It seemed like it wasn’t finished. I thought it just didn’t pull up correctly. When I tried to check and see if it was working better today, it is not there at all. So, this is just to let you know, but the bit about Anders following you while you were watering plants was really cute.

  7. As I tried to read your what I’m working on…every thing was encrypted when I hit read more. I love seeing the day to day “going ons” in your house. It’s such busyness & makes me happy for you!

  8. I also had the page of script issue, but it seems that since then any links now open up in Microsoft Edge (it is not my browser so a bit of a sleuth job found that it now overrides other browsers – not impressed) and very hit and miss as to the script so I tend to open up your home page on my preferred browser instead. I sometimes got the script, but now I’m getting your listed posts, so click on to the headline and I’m finally able to read them. Phew! I’m not a techno fan at all! Any little blip that throws the happy equilibrium out the window gets me so frustrated!
    The little pom was so cute. My grandfather had one – or rather his mum did an awfully long time ago! And I got to see the pretty butterfly quilts from Karin on this page. Cheers all. xx

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