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Sorry the post is late today. I had a computer glitch.

Karin has been her busy self cranking out quilts. She has a few to share with us today.

Karin writes:

The first one we have today is a patchwork of posies; I believe this was created by the amazing Cresco ladies and you sent it to me for completion. All different flower patches went into this beauty, so I used the fabric as inspiration and quilted loops and random leaves. The nice wide borders gave me ample room to practice my feathers. Obviously, I still need more practice, but they seem get better and easier with each one I do. The toile backing was generously donated by Ellie L from Indianapolis, quite some time ago. It has been languishing in the cupboard, waiting for just the right flimsy, and I believe this one was it. I used a very pale pink on top and ecru in the bobbin. This one is sure to delight a young lady with all the pinks in it. It finished up at 40 by 44.

Next up we have a bunch of baskets that…

Patty K, of West Palm Beach, FL, put together, using a pattern and several fat eights that you had sent her. She combined all that with her stash to make the blocks and I added a bit from my stash to make the top just a bit wider.  I’m not sure where it originally came from..

It’s either a secret addition from my girlfriend or I’ve had it so long I don’t remember its origin.  Lol…. truthfully, I don’t even remember ever saying it prior to this, and it doesn’t look like anything I would have purchased, so it’s a pretty safe bet it came from my girlfriend. The backing was generously donated by Ellie L, of Indianapolis, again, quite some time ago, and seemed to coordinate with the top perfectly. I quilted a few straight lines in the applique baskets and alternating swirls in the red sashings. I used big swirls down each side with ecru thread on top and in the bobbin. It finished at a nice 41 inches square.

Here is one that you sent to me so long ago, Jo, that you might have forgotten all about it. I believe you told me it originated with the Cresco ladies. It is oversized patchwork blocks, using various nautical and seaside prints. This is a great pattern to use when the fabrics are too pretty to cut. My quilting plan was to use the flags fabric as my inspiration and I was going to do a swoop and then travel back and put flags on it, travel down the block and do another swoop in the other direction and put flags on it too. That all went out the window when I did a swoop across the block at too sharp of an angle, and then forgot to put the flags on it, instead, traveling just a short distance down, and adding another swoop in the other direction.

I did not leave room for flags, bummer. Rather than unpicking all those stitches, I just kept swooping back and forth in somewhat of a regular fashion. Different, that’s for sure. I used a light tan thread on top and quilted double bubbles in the borders. The backing is part of a very recent donation from Polly B of Pensacola, Florida. She had been thrifting, and came across a whole bunch of fabric cuts that were half price and very generously forwarded them down to me. This quilt finished up at 40×46.

This final top also came from you, Jo, but was in a bag marked from Sandra.  The paisley flannel  backing was already with it, so I’m pretty sure it was also from Sandra, of parts unknown (to me).  I wanted to make sure the quilting was rather tight, so shrinkage would be kept to a minimum, and there were a couple of fabrics that featured hearts, so that was my inspiration. Plus, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so it seemed an appropriate day to learn a new motif. I used a light tan on top and a burgundy thread in the bobbin.  The binding was actually supposed to go with a quilt top that Patty K, of West Palm Beach, FL, had sent me, but I had enough backing to fold over hers, so I held the binding in reserve, knowing I would be able to use it elsewhere.  And here it is! It was about 24 inches more than I needed, so that part went well not your scraps box, and I think the colors added quite the punch, don’t you? This one finished up at 31×35 and will be nice for a wheelchair lap quilt.

Thank you to all the contributors and donors; none of this would be possible without you and your time, money and nimble fingers. And Jo, special thanks to you for continually coordinating people and materials from all over the country.  All these quilts will be heading to the firehouse in the morning. Thank you, thank you!!

What a great selection of quilts. Karin always donates these quilts to the local fire station where they are given out to those in need. Sometimes they are used to protect modesty…sometime warmth…sometimes comfort…sometimes need. It is such a great cause. I’m sure they love seeing Karin come with another stack of quilts!!

Many thanks to all who donated the tops to make these quilts happen.

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  1. Judith Fairchild

    The quilts are so lovely!!!!. The flower patch quilt was great to look at whom ever chose all the florals did a great job of picking florals that play very well together. Thanks to who ever made it.

  2. The quilts you finished are fantastic! You put so much work and design into them and the backings match perfect. Thank you for all your time and work! Patty K.

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