Community Quilts from Karin

I have quilts from Karin to share with you today.  We are treating you to four fun quilts…

Karin writes:
Good morning Jo! Today we have more of the Patty K and friends parade to share. First in the lineup is Angry Birds, sized at a whopping 44 by 48, it is made up of scrappy braids.

It will be a terrific I spy quilt for a youngster impacted by trauma, fire, weather, or accident.

Patty writes that Nancy R of Texas provided the fabrics that went into this quilt top.

You may notice there are snippets of last week’s quilt in here too. Can you guess what color thread I used on top?

If you guessed lime green, you would absolutely be the winner of one good chicken dinner, lol. Bobbin thread was just plain white. Keeping it quick, I did all-over loops in the braided sections and wishbones on the birds. The quilt was backed by a piece of multicolored stripes, generously donated by my local quilt shop (, and a piece representing various FIFA (international soccer) countries.


Next up, we have…
a more sedate top Patty called Tossed Blocks.
She writes that this fabric came from Nancy F of West Palm Beach Florida.

I believe she finished this one up on Thanksgiving Day, and the fabrics are very much Fall oriented. There are browns and creams and rusts and gold, accented by pops of aqua here and there.

I used a dark gold thread on top to make double bubbles, and I backed this one with a sheet from my neighbor down the street, who held a yard sale and couldn’t sell her twin-size sheets.

It worked well and quilting was easy and fast. I did alternating e’s and L’s all around the outside border. The plain sheet really shows up the quilting well, even though I used a perfectly matched ivory in the bobbin. This quilt finished at 42 x 46 inches.

Here we have a sweet little number, perfect for the upcoming Valentine’s holiday.

This one was made completely from Patty’s stash. She appliqued hearts on white fabric, blanket stitched all around them, and then bordered them with various red and white prints. Polka dots hearts and checks, so very sweet.

I backed it with the windy day in Paris fabric that was donated by Linda W, of Williamstown New York. I quilted continuous hearts in each of the square borders and then hearts and loops all around the outside border. I used a light pink thread on top and white in the bobbin. I was surprised to find that the light pink thread appears white on the red fabric and is barely even visible on the hearts themselves. It only appears pink on the white fabric, but I promise you it was pink all over, lol.

This one finished up at a square 36×36.

Bringing up the end of the parade today, we have the promise of springtime and better weather ahead. Patty called this Flowered Butterflies and indicates it is a panel from Bonnie C of Georgia.

It wasn’t long ago that I learned how to do flying butterflies and loops, as an all-over pattern, but that motif seemed inappropriate for a sectional panel such as this. I really wanted these butterflies to stand out and I wanted the pink floral areas to look like sashing, even though it was only printed. I went ahead and sandwiched this entire top with backing and batting and took it to my sewing machine first. There I outlined all the pink floral areas with light pink thread and straight stitching with my walking foot. That stabilized the entire quilt and defined the cheater blocks for me.

Then I took it over to the quilting frame and used the same light pink thread to outline and accent all the butterflies and flowers of the panel. I loved adding some swirls in the empty spaces. In the large center section, I added a small stipple, not micro stippling, but smaller than a meander. Believe it or not, I used the same light pink thread as in the hearts quilt previously shown. This time the pink showed up as creamy beige in the background.

I used the last of some yardage that had been donated to me by Susan McC, in Austin, TX, some time ago. The orange, green, and pink flowers seemed to be a perfect match for the cheery flowers of the front. This lap quilt finished up at 28×48, and I’m sure it will bring smiles for many years to come.

A great big thank you goes out to all the people that generously donated fabric, time, and money to warm the residents of Citrus County, Florida. I wish you all could come along with me when I drop quilts off at the firehouse. I always get multiple thank yous and lots of appreciation.”

WOW…that was a fun bunch of quilts that are sure to cheer up people in need.  MANY thanks to all who sent tops to Karin and of course to Karin who worked her magic and finished them all into fine pieces.

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  1. Margaret in North Texasmj

    Karin, what a beautiful group of quilts. It would be fun to go with you to the firehouse to hear the comments. Many thanks to you and those who helped along the way to make these quilts available to those in need!

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