Community Quilts from Karin

Yahoo.  I just love days when I get to show finished Community Quilts.  It does my heart good to know there is good in the world.

I have a treat for you today.  First I am going to tell you about today’s quilts  from Karin.  Then I am going to send you to another blog.  Joy’s blog.  She finished up some community quilts and wrote about them on her blog.  Karin writes:

I believe the top originally came from Jill, and she stated she was just “tired of it” and had no place local to donate unwanted flimsies, but knew you would find a good home for it.  I finally learned how to do a stipple on this one, quilting it on my new longarm.
I used freehand, nested teardrops in the larger pieced parts and a medium stipple in the side triangles. Don’t remember the finished size, but it went to Grand Living, a nursing home specializing in memory care, in Lecanto, Fl.


This little guy came in your most recent mailing to me… probably from the Cresco ladies group? A simple patchwork, it’s the perfect size to quilt using one of the built in stitches on my Babylock.

It has the softest flannel backing ever!  It will be sent to Quilts for Kids, where it’s sure to be loved and snuggled aplenty.

This pieced flimsy may have been intended as a backing, as there was a different top that said a backing was included, but there wasn’t one tied with it. However, I was able to find a backing for the other one and turned this one into a whole quilt by itself!

I used the self-binding method and turned it to the front for a quick finish that will stand up to rigorous wear and tear. I can just imagine some little boy, pinning this around this neck as a cape and running around with it flapping behind him. Kids still do that, don’t they?? This one is a little large for Quilts for Kids, at 40×62, so it’s going to the women’s shelter along with the pink one.

Thanks again for letting me be a part of this project!! Blessings to you and all the others that make it possible.”

WOW.  I loved all three of these.  I think they all will be loved for some time!!  I really admire Karin for volunteering to do these tops.  She’s getting to be a pro on her longarm!!

Now for the BONUS.  Head over to Joy’s blog HERE and read about more community quilts.



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  1. Beautiful wok by Karin on finishing the quilt, and to send it to Grand Living in Lecanto, FL. The quilts that you have sent me Jo,when finished, have gone to agencies in Citrus County Florida, and Lecanto is part of Citrus County. How about that? Reading about a fellow quilter in my community on your blog.
    Thank you for so many great blog posts. The stories of your daily life and quilting are informative and inspiring.

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