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Karin sent these finished quilts to me a bit ago and I’m finally sharing them with you.  By now I am sure they have all gone home with someone in crisis.  Many thanks to Karin for finishing all of these quilts!!

Karin writes:
“Hi Jo, hope you are well.  I knew you’re busy, I’ve been reading the blog!  I have 3 finishes today that could not have been done without your Village!  I believe all 3 tops originated with the Cresco ladies, and you sent them on to me for frosting.

First up, we have a sweet little baby blanket in plaid with coordinating shades of yellow, peach, and blue textures.

It was backed by a brushed polyester of some sort, which wasn’t quite large enough, so I added a strip of cotton sheeting that originally came from Elizabeth W, of Rockville, MD.  I know you just did a whole post on using sheets, so here ya go.  Proof positive, they work just fine.

Wait till you see the next one! I’ve always heard with boxy patterns, use curves in their quilting, so that’s what I did…Swirls all over.

I just might have been influenced by the winds of recent Hurricane Ian.  At least, that’s what they remind me of! The back really shows off the texture of the quilting, don’t you think?  This little guy finished at 36 x 40.

As promised, here is a top that has the rest of a king sized sheet used as a backing. You might recall I got it in a big box of sheets from Elizabeth W, in Rockville, MD.  I had used most of the same sheet earlier, some time ago. I believe this was the last of it. The front also came from the Cresco ladies, via you and is so very bright and cheerful.  They paired a cute cactus print with solids and stripes, and it turned out so sweet. I used a large stipple/meander, in bone colored thread on top and dark gold in the bobbin. Don’t look for any consistent shapes in my meander; it’s all freehand, and I just go where my hands lead me, without much thought to it. (Sometimes, they lead me into trouble, but that’s another story, for another day.) This one finished at 42 x 54.

And, last but certainly not least, we have Linda W, from Williamstown, NY to thank for the yardage she sent. This orange worked out perfectly to offset the aqua of the sashing in this adorable top from you and the Cresco ladies.  Hedgehogs and foxes and owls! How cute can you get?! Simple squares, but, oh so sweet.  I used an off-white thread on top, and it appears to have taken on the aqua hue in the sashing. Weird, but in a good way, don’t you think?

Believe it or not, I used burgundy in the bobbin, and it just blended right in, as desired.

Keeping it simple, I meandered in the big animal squares and wishboned the sashing for contrast.

This beauty finished up at 40 x 50, so it’s big enough for a kid to cuddle under for years! All 3 quilts are headed for a spin in the washer and a tumble in the dryer, then off to the firehouse they go.  I’m pretty sure they will be used before Christmas, as our nights are getting chilly and our roads are becoming more crowded (more accidents) as Snowbirds and tourists return.  

Thank you to all the readers who have contributed their scraps, the Cresco ladies who turn bits into quilts, you Jo, who sent them on to me, and the generous ladies who sent me sheets and yardage.  See what joy can happen when we all work together? It’s simply amazing, and I am forever humbled and grateful to be a part of it.

The Cresco Ladies put together some great tops!!  Karin did some great work finishing them.  What a great team!!  Many of these tops I get to see before they are sent to Karin.  I am always amazed at how good the quilts look after Karin takes them on the last step of completion.  I’ve heard the saying, “Teamwork makes the dream work!”.  That is so true with all of these quilts.  Karin is always open to backing fabric or sheets to finish these quilts you can contact her at this email address if you are cleaning things out and want to get them to a good home.

6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. What lovely quilts – all so different. The cactus fabric has been used so effectively. Well done Karin for finishing these tops and creating three little beauties. Good to see how so many people’s donations of fabric and sewing time Have come together.

  2. That little plaid inspired top is so darling. Those Cresco ladies have a magic touch and Karin tops it all off with her finishes!

  3. Such cute and colorful quilts! Thanks to Karin for finishing these and to the Cresco ladies for their diligence making them, and to the others who donated fabric. Yes, Jo’s Village!

  4. Thank you ALL!!! I really enjoy seeing what happens when I put the needle down. I never know how they’ll turn out, no matter what the plan is.

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