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I have quilts from Karin to share with you today.  She always makes the quilts shine.  Enjoy the quilt parade.

First up, I have a fun log cabin from the amazing Cresco ladies, backed by a donation from Annie M, in Vashon Island, WA.  The center for blocks were all log cabins, then they were put together and a border was added in the same fashion as the log cabin blocks.  It made border quilting challenging and tricky, but it was fun trying to figure out what to put where and where the border actually was.

I used a deep gold thread on top and in the bobbin, and Arc rulers to make petals in the center. That didn’t look like enough quilting so I added a free-hand swirl in each petal. I repeated the swirls in the outside border and stippled around the pedals to make them stand out more.
The quilting really shows up nicely on the dark green and gold backing that was so generously donated by Annie. 

This quilt ended up at 38 by 40 in, almost square.

I believe this little patchwork… number was also created by the Cresco ladies, and I backed it with fabric donated by Linda W, of Williamstown, New York
I must have been on a roll with the swirls and the petals because I used the same motif on this one, too.

I also used dark gold thread on the top and bottom. LOL The swirls really showed up nicely in the solid squares and the flannel of the floral squares is so very soft. The backing looks like maybe a crazy cloth cheater style but the colors coordinated nicely with those on the front. This quilt finished up at 33×38 in.

Jo, I thought the last quilt flannel was soft, but Jo, you haven’t felt soft until you felt the flannel that makes up this adorable panel. This stacked woodland critters panel and its backing came to me in a big box that Patty K sent from West Palm Beach, Florida.

I believe she was one of Ray’s big contributors, but he had gotten a bit stacked up and he suggested she send them to me instead. Thank you both! 

The animals of the center were repeated in squares around the panel, and since it was flannel, I wanted to make sure it was quilted densely enough that it would not shrink up unevenly. I used a light blue thread on the front that blended in nicely, leaving only the texture.

I used a scroll swirl in all the sashings, I outlined the critters in the squares around the panel and I did freehand x’s in the patchwork squares. I tried to make the animals look like they had fur, and I think they turned out pretty well considering I’d never done that before.

Look how nice the texture shows!

This quilt finished up at a generous 42 x 44 in. All these quilts will be delivered to our Firehouse tomorrow, to be distributed next week, as needed. Thank you all so very much for helping me spread warmth throughout the county. Everyone’s generosity and assistance are so greatly appreciated. Blessings and happy holidays to all.

WOW…I’m so glad that Patty and Karin were able to connect.  Being Ray is full with quilts, Karin is another great option!!

Many thanks to everyone who has been sending goodies to Karin.  I just love hearing that the finishers have backing otherwise I worry and try to scramble to find some for them.  Your donations directly to the finishers is such a blessing to me and the finishers.  Thanks so much for that!!

As always…AMAZING work Karin.  You have a great ability to find the perfect quilting motifs.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Kathleen M Glaza

    I have made the fannel baby quilt twice. It turned out to be so soft. Karin did a great job. I have the panel she did as a ufo for my daughter. What a great idea to get me started. Thanks Karin and all for the wonderful work you are doing. We had a tragic house fire 12 years ago. I know the quilts do bring comfort. THANKS AGAIN

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice quilting, Karin. So happy that the Cresco ladies, Patty K and Annie M supplied the the quilt tops and backing for you to complete. Teamwork!!!

  3. Those were all as usual “uniquely” finished, Such inspiration to start a New Year off with. Some one under not so happy situations will be Blessed by your handiwork.

  4. I’m just in awe of the work quilters and finishers do, and can now say from personal experience how comforting a gifted quilt is. Over this holiday season we learned my dad had pancreatic cancer. He died within a month of discovery. My mom and I stayed with him and she was presented with a camo fabric quilt, in honor of dad’s service, for comfort. It meant so much to her. Being a part of that circle almost makes me brave enough to make and donate some quilts. Well done and thank you to ALL of you who help in the quilt ministry.

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