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I have quilts from Karin to share with your today.

She writes:

Hi Jo! Hope you are all well and enjoying the cool weather, it will be plenty cold enough soon!!

As you may recall, you sent me a Christmas-themed quilt top some time ago (made from panels and scraps, I think, by the amazing Cresco Ladies), and I finally worked my way down to it! And, guess what! Also some time ago, Ellie L, from Indianapolis, IN had sent several yards of a burgundy snowflake fabric that coordinated with it very well.

I used the snowflakes as the quilting inspiration for the borders and I quilted holly leaves and random loops in the panel and pieces sections.  Look how cute those gnomes are! There were snowmen, Santas, trees, and even some glittery gold in there.  I used a dark gold thread on top and a burgundy that matched perfectly in the bobbin.

This quilt finished at 56×82, plenty large enough for a twin bed.  We might not get much snow here, but we still celebrate Christmas and this will certainly keep its recipient warm this winter!

As you may recall, while I was hospitalized, I received… a big box of sheets from Elizabeth W, from Rockville, MD.  Well, what better to do with them but find tops that match and get ’em done!

I have 3 such quilts to share with you today…I believe they were all pieced by the imaginative and amazing Cresco Ladies.  First up, we have a colorful patchwork quilt, in the traditional style, anything goes. I backed it with part of a yellow sheet from the big box.

Keeping with tradition, I quilted a large meander using dark gold thread on top and bottom. The quilt finished up at 48×56.

Next up, we have the cutest little hedgehog, encouraging all to always be brave.

The puzzle pieces, I believe, are the symbol of Autism Awareness and are as colorful as can be.

I wanted to keep the focus on the hedgehog and his message, so the interior quilting was quite simple wavy lines, spaced somewhat evenly, somewhat randomly.  I can’t keep a secret, the arch was kept consistent by the use of a ruler. I free-handed puzzle pieces in the pale yellow outer border. No haters, please, I freely admit, some are wonkier than others. Thankfully, most are proper pieces ;). 

This cutie was backed by another partial sheet from Elizabeth, with encouraging words on colorful pendants. I think the combination will offer hope and comfort exactly where it’s needed.  At 44 x 54, it’s sized just right for a youngster.

And, finally, rounding out today’s stack, we have the cutest little girls among colorful hearts, swirls, dots, and circles.  Pink, blue, black, green, magenta, purple, the whole rainbow is represented here!

The hearts inspired me to use my continuous heart ruler around the green border, but I free-handed hearts and loops in the panel and first blue border.  More hearts on a curvy spine went all around the outside.

The white sheet on the back has little girls’ BFFs walking their dogs.  The wind is obviously giving them fits, as you can see by their inside-out umbrellas!  Whew, I guess Hurricane Ian impacted them too! This quilt finished at 46×48.

Sincere thanks to you, Jo, for the batting and your coordination, and, as always, the Cresco Ladies, Elizabeth and Ellie, and all the blog readers that contributed scraps along the way.  Definitely, the embodiment of “many hands make light the work.”  

All these quilts are going to the Firehouse tomorrow, where they will go on to be distributed throughout the county or sent southward, to the victims of Ian, who have lost everything.

I love using sheets for backing too.  So often I hear people questioning if that’s okay.  This is one of those “hot topics” that people have a specific opinion on.  I am a you-do-you person.  Do whatever you prefer.  Me, I love sheets and use them often.  Using sheets really makes quilt-making more economical, especially for people making charity quilts.

Many thanks to the top makers and Karin the top finishers.  Karin does such an amazing job taking these tops and making them SHINE!!



7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Margaret in North Texas

    Karin, more amazing finishes to be distributed by Firehouse!
    Thank you—- as well as the Cresco ladies (who never disappoint with their creations ), Elizabeth & Ellie.

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting. I love your puzzle piece quilting. Many hands do lighten the load. Quilters ate so generous.

  3. Daisy Christopherson

    I have it in my head that you have a quilt called Nine Patch Square Dance that was published in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine in the past year. I can’t seem to locate my magazine and so want to make that one with Christmas fabrics. Could you let me know if that was your pattern?


    1. I didn’t make the quilt so I have not idea. These tops are donated and the people often don’t leave a note or anything with the quilt. When we know, we include that.

  4. I love the posts that share the finished quilts. They inspire me, offer me new ideas and are just so much fun to see.

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