Community Quilts from Karin

I had quilts from Karin to share with you last week and I have even more this week.

Karin writes:
The Cresco Ladies strike again, with Crazy Dinosaurs.  Keeping with tradition, and using what you have, many colors and scraps are combined to make this quilt.

I put giant swirls in the Crazy 8 blocks, wishbones in the dark orange border, giant circles in the light orange, wavy piano keys on the outer chevrons, and a gentle meander in the dinosaurs.  Sure provides a lot of different textures!

The multicolored backing was provided by Susan McC, of Austin, while you might recognize that wood grain green as some you provided long ago, Jo.

This is the largest of the bunch so far, finishing at 42×50.

Another big box arrived while I was hospitalized…from …Terri M, of Johnson City, TX.  She had sent me quilts before, all beautifully pieced and matched up with bindings and perfectly sized backings, and now she’s done it again.

She even included money for more thread!

I had to wait until I regained some mobility before I could quilt this one. I knew I had to add movement to the airplanes, and I couldn’t do that until I could get into the rhythm with my whole body.  I hope she’ll be pleased with how it turned out.  Ha, yes, I used my favorite lime green thread on every block! Boy, did it get hard to see where I had been and where I was going on those green backgrounds! The colors are just as vibrant in real life as in the pictures, and the striped binding she included couldn’t have been a more perfect match!

I believe this cutie started with the Cresco Ladies, as it is in their style.

Adorable Bambis scamper among colorful patches of itty bitty flowers, solids, and bold stripes. What else could I quilt but more flowers and loops?

I used a light pink thread on top and in the bobbin and backed it with yet another perfectly matched sheet from Elizabeth W, in Rockville, MD.  

This bit of comfort finished at 42×42.

All 7 of these beauties will be going to our local firehouse for distribution throughout the county.  They haven’t gotten any from me/us for a while, so I know they will appreciate the entire stack.  I’m sure they’ll be glad to see me back on my feet, too, after that horrific fall and a broken hip.  I know *I* am sure glad to be back up and getting around again!  Thank you all for sharing your talents, time, and funds with me.  None of this comes cheap, and I take all your donations with a grateful heart and all the respect they deserve.

WOW, Karin.  It’s so good to hear you are on the mend and up and at ’em again.  These quilts all turned out so nice.  I am so thankful that blog readers are watching out for you by sending donations!!  Many thanks to those that have and continue to.  What a great community!





9 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    For all of us over 60. Please be careful when doing things getting a broken bone of any kind takes longer to heal and often leaves some unable to get back to where they could do just àcmuch as younger people. I’m asking from personal experience ( a shattered ankle) so enjoy reading Jo’s blogs and everyone’s comments.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    Karin, thank you again for a beautiful group of quilt finishes! So happy to learn that your mending from the fall.

  3. These quilts are beautiful and that airplane one is one of my favorites it is currently on sale at Lela boutique for five dollars!
    She does one of her patterns of months for five dollars and this one is this months I recognize the quilt. Thank you for always sharing these quilts done by others

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