Community Quilts from Karin

I have a fun parade of quilts from Karin today.

Karin writes:
Hi Jo, hopefully you can set back and enjoy the show!  Many comfort quilts have been completed, just haven’t been shared with you yet.  That’s all about to change.

First up, from the Amazing Cresco ladies, we have Frog-a-Palooza.  The backing came in a big box that arrived while I was hospitalized, and is generously donated by Elizabeth W, from Rockville, MD.  The binding is from Susan McC, in Austin, TX.

I did a meandering leaf and loop design, using a deep gold thread on top and bone on the bobbin.  I also experimented with a new hook and swirl design in the striped border and my signature wishbones in the inner plaid border.. This finished up at 42×46.

Next up we have… Attack of Ninjas!  I’m thinking this was originally started by the Cresco ladies, but it needed to be just a squeak larger.  Luckily, I found a piece of green batik that perfectly matched, donated a long time ago by Susan McC, in Austin, and added a nice border all the way around.

I backed it with fun and colorful trains from Linda W, of Williamstown, NY, for a great finish.

To keep the loose drape, I quilted simple orange peels in each block.  Believe it or not, I used my lime green thread, and it took on the color of the fabric and blended right in! This one finished up at 40×48.


Our next quilt is also courtesy of the Cresco ladies, a combination of burgundy and various blues, and soft pink. The cross stitch blocks and the outer border are stamped, which allowed me to showcase them without worrying about bulky seams.  I had just run across a butterfly meander tutorial that seemed to perfectly fit, so that’s the primary quilting motif. I backed it with another sheet from Elizabeth W, of Rockville, MD. It finished at 44×44.

Again, a product of the prolific Cresco Ladies, Bears Learn Their ABC’s.  Here I wanted to showcase the bears going off to school, so I used arcs around each block for them and the orange blocks, but the navy blue blocks called for something bold.  I used gold thread, and a new-to-me filler, meander flames! Oh boy, did I think I was hot stuff when I saw how well they turned out! I put a combination of arcs and flames all around the outside border. The backing was a super fun circus tent stripe of red and white, courtesy of Linda W, in Williamstown, NY. This cutie finished at 38×38.

That sure was a fun presentation of quilts.  Karin does such a wonderful job.  Many thanks to those who donated goodies for these to get finished and as always, thanks to the wonderful Cresco Ladies and their generous donation of tops!!


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  1. Nice quilts Karin. Thank you for sharing. Jo, the cross stitch block Karin showed in her third quilt would be an idea for on X on Ander’s charm on your grand children’s charm tree.

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