Community Quilts from Karin

I have a treat for you today.  Karin is here to share some of her recently finished Community Quilts.

Karin writes:

Hi Jo!  Hope you have conquered the creeping crud by now and are feeling much more chipper. Maybe this post will cheer you up some.  The Village has come together again, in a spectacular way and I have four finishes for you to view today.

I believe all the tops have been courtesy of the amazing and talented Cresco ladies, but the backs have all been generously donated by your readers from around the country.

First up, we have a Mother Goose panel, cleverly stretched by the use of red and blue sashings around each busy book page.

I wanted to keep a nice drape, so I used a red thread and did freehand chained hearts around the outer border and along only the horizontal sashings, and a minimal feather in each block. The circus stripe back was part of a large piece sent to me from Linda W, of Williamstown, NY.  I have plenty more, so I’m sure you will see it again.
The red bobbin thread really shows the quilting, but white would have done the same.  I figured if I used red on top and bobbin, any tension issues would be minimized. This cutie finished up at 36 x 48.

This top appears to be a kind of rail fence block, but the color placement makes it look more like a basket weave. Tricky, ladies, very tricky!

I wanted to keep… with the vibe of the main print, so I used a beige top thread and quilted loops, vibes, and random leaves in any edge-to-edge style.  All very organic and free-flowing, my very favorite motif to use.

I’ve been studying some Facebook posts and wanted to give scrolls a try, so I figured, what better time than now?  I used the same beige thread and scrolled my way all around the outside border to finish up.

Again, Linda W, from Williamstown, NY, came through with an awesome backing to match! Homespun navy plaid, with burgundy heats, is just perfect to go with this top from either the Cresco Ladies or dear Annie, the Goat Lady from Washington.  My apologies for not remembering which.  My gratitude is deep, whomever gets the credit for piecing.

See how nicely this backing complements the colors of the top?  This beauty finished up at 42 x 50.

I called this one Going to the Sun, because I tried a new filler motif on it, and it looked like the Sun’s rays to me. The top is such cheery and bright fabric, I knew I had to back it with something equally cheerful, and Susan McC, of Austin, TX had provided just the piece. I used a bone-colored thread on top and in the bobbin, and just swooped and hooked my way across the rows, throwing in those “suns” whenever the whim hit.  

The yardage Susan provided was juuuust wide enough to meet the edges of the top, but not enough for my clamps to grip, so I added a bit of child’s play down the middle.  This happy quilt finished up almost square, at 40 x 42.

You know I would have fun with this one, didn’t you Jo!  Yep, I have spent many years, happily wandering North America in various tents, trailers, and motorhomes.  I was thrilled to recall our travels as I meandered across this adorable quilt top.  One of our camping buddies was visiting as I did this one, and I had to pry it away from her so I could finish binding it!

The perfect backing again came from the stash of Susan McC, from Austin.  Of course, arrows, to point the way and remind us, to keep going, even when the obstacles challenge us and seem insurmountable.  Just keep going.  The rainbows on the front remind us there will be better times ahead.

I used a navy thread in the bobbin here, and truly, it is just about invisible!  This quilt finished up at 38 inches square, and it’s perfectly lap-sized, for a wheelchair-bound former camper. We do have a lot of them here on the Nature Coast.  I think we are all drawn to the natural beauty of the area, and as we age, we become less mobile, so just sell the camper and stay put.  I know that’s what happened to us! Thank goodness, the wheelchair is a few years off and I still have some quilts to make!

Thank you all for your amazing generosity and donations. All these quilts will be going to my local fire station, for disbursing throughout the county.”

Oh my…what great quilts and as always, Karin makes them shine.  All of these are so fun and I’m sure will be loved by the recipients.  I just love that Karin supports the people of her county as they deal with unexpected discomforts through fire or ambulance.  What a blessing that we have helpers in this world!!



7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Each quilt was lovely to see and what Karen does to finish them is wonderful. I admire her ability to see just what each quilt needs to be a true beauty. Lovely quilts, made with the help from many.

  2. Judith M Fairchild

    Simply love each of these quilts. The piece makers did great jobs and Karen’s finishes and choices of donated backings are nearly perfect. Glas to see this. It made my day thank you Jo,Karen and all the rest for your work.

  3. Thanks for call the encouraging and kind words!! Still working on recovery from my broken femur, so not up to quilting just yet, but, hopefully, sometime in the next couple of months!

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