Community Quilts from Karin

I sat down at my computer and have a series of emails from Karin.  It’s so fun to read through them and I’m sure all of you are going to enjoy them too.

Karin writes:
Howdy Jo!  Have a seat and take a deep breath, I have some stunning finishes for you today!!! First up, according to the paper tag, we have “Stylized Flower,” from Barb, in Denver.

I bet she forgot she sent it to you, I’ve had it so long.

I wanted to do it justice, so I had to wait till I got good enough to do it, and then, my new longarm came, and we needed something to quilt!  Well, I just knew it would be the perfect canvas for the talented mind and hands of my quilts shop owner, so, onto the frame it went.  There was a tremendous amount of discussion about the possibilities, and, we each did parts, but, my oh my, look how pretty it turned out!! 
Alissa did the ribbon candy borders, I did the wishbones, she did the circles, and if did the hook, loops, and flowers.  I did the feathers in the heart and she showed me how to path the continuous curves and scrolls

Look how pretty and even she makes those circles!! Wowsa!!! You can really see all the patterns on the pieced backing. Recognize those fabrics?  That’s the last bits of them both, except for some little scraps that have gone into Jo’s Scrap Collection box, which is overflowing, btw…

This beauty finished up at 55 x 55, and along with the next 4, are all going to my local women’s and children’s shelter.

Soooo, I wanted to do my own circles, like Alissa did, on the previous quilt.  Well, Terri McE, in Johnson City, TX (LOVE that town, btw, wanted to work camp there, but the guy responded too late, and we already had accepted a position in Austin) sent the perfect, and perfectly pieced, lap quilt top to try them on.

The wide inner border was… just the right size for my comfort level, and the polka dots were the perfect print to accent with circles!!!

Those pinwheels reminded me of the little spinners I loved as a child, so I quilted simple loops throughout the inner blocks to represent the wind.  Oh my gosh, can you just take a moment to admire those points Terri made?!

I did my interlocked Ms around the outside border, and lime green thread on top and in the bobbin.

This one finished up at 40 x 48 and is light enough for a youngster in crisis. Terri sent backings, already pieced, and perfectly pressed and sized bindings with each quilt.  Thank you so very much!!

Next, Terri took a safari and sent me this jewel.  I have never ever worked with those colors before, and I NEVER would have thought to mix them, but, good golly, they are beautiful together!!

The animal print is not a panel, it’s just a large cut piece of fabric!  The pieced border is made up of that A, B, C block, I believe. You know, where you take two small squares and a large one in all different color combinations and sew them all together. You know, as we quilters do….cut, sew, twist, turn, cut again, sew again.  Annnd repeat.

I used an Angela Walters ruler to get these fancy shapes in the border, but I didn’t think it was enough, so I came back through with freehand flames in each one.

That seemed to fill it nicely and tied in well with my freehand corner flames. I wanted the animals to do the talking in the middle, so I just did a large stipple in that piece.  I used gold thread on top and black on the bobbin.

Terri sent me a good-sized backing and binding for this one too.  It finished up at 48 x 56.

Karin is a real talent.  How exciting is it that she got a longarm upgrade?  I’d love to someday computerize my machine.  I keep telling myself I could finish more charity tops if I did.  As is, I don’t have enough time.  Someday maybe.  In the meantime, I’m super thankful for my longarm.

Great work Karin and everyone who donated tops.  They are going to make a great addition to the lives of the people who receive these beauties…more quilts for Karin will be coming next Sunday.


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