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I have quilts to share with you from Karin.  She’s been super busy.  I am late to get her quilts shared with you as these came in before Christmas.

Karin writes:
I did want to share the two Christmas quilts I finished up this week.  I believe this first one was a product of the Cresco ladies, from a cut-up panel and some coordinating fabrics in oversized squares. It’s a biggie, finishing up at 46 x 66.

I did some outlines, a bit of thread painting on the trees and bears, and a tight meander in the alternate blocks. Around the outside border, I used a salad bowl lid (who needs fancy rulers!) to scribe some arcs then put back and forth stitching inside and some big feather petals in the corners.

All this was done in a deep gold thread on top and green in the bobbin.

The green print backing is courtesy of Susan McC, from Austin, TX, and I am sure you will recognize that burgundy insert as the last bit of the double sheets you sent me.  

The backing was folded to the front and zig zagged down.

Now, this bit of Christmas cheer comes to us, courtesy of…

Charlet, according to its attached note.  Nothing more, just, “made by Charlet.”

Thanks, Charlet, it was a fun piece to work on!  Such bright and cheerful use of all different scrappy Christmas prints, brought together by a sweet little polka dot sashing and border.

I thought and thought about thread color and motif, finally settling on deep gold (because that’s what was loaded!!!) and taking a cue from one of the fabrics used, a twisted string of lights. 

I believe the green backing came from Annie M, in Washington State, and the red insert and binding came from my stash.
This sparkly quilt finished up at 40×54, and along with the other, will be taken to Fire Station 3, to be given to the next family in need.

So, just to let you know, your new donation system seems to be working!! Susan McC, in Austin, sent me a huge, and HEAVY, box of fun and varied yardage, and a roll of neutral bias binding, already made up!! 
Check out those two mustache prints, how much fun are they! There were several pieces of multicolored batiks, always a great backing. If I remember correctly, she said that one of her guild members had passed away, and the kids were doling out her stash, and she thought you and I were worthy recipients of all this goodness.  All this comes just in time and will go great with those 2 big bags of kids’ quilt tops you just sent me!!

A big, heartfelt thank you, to you, and all the others that bring them village to my house and allow me to share my threads with the community.

Annie M, from Washington State had sent me a big box of flannel, fabric, orphan blocks, and a couple of larger flimsies.  I got one of those tops matched up with the backing she sent, and it’s just off the frame!

She must have spent a lot of time on it, because her star piecing was impeccable!  Finishing up at 60×76 (see, it IS large!), it is a scrap lover’s delight!  Even the neutral backgrounds are all different.  All the stars are on the warm side of the color wheel, except for one single triangle of bright aqua -can you spot it?

– so I used a light brown thread on the top and a dark gray (guess I really should get a cone of burgundy, eh?) in the bobbin.  I got a traditional feeling from the stars and fabrics, so I used a simple orange peel motif all around each block and I actually loaded the top and backing on the frame sideways, to reduce the rolling required. Do you ever do that?  Seemed to make it easier and a wee bit quicker.

I had enough backing to flip it to the front and zig zag it down. This quilt will be taken to Fire Station 3, along with the two Christmas quilts I showed you yesterday.  Thank you Annie, for being one of my treasured Village people!”

It just warms my heart to see all of the good that is happening through the community quilt project.  I know many only see it as quilts getting out to people in need.  Not me.  I see it as relationship building through the entire process.  I have come into contact with so many wonderful people through this whole thing and I know the finishers feel the same way.

My parents always told me that I would be a product of the people I hang around…well look at me Mom and Dad.  I’m hanging around with some of the very best people who love others and are willing to donate their time and talents to do good in the world.  I couldn’t be in a better place!!

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. I really enjoy seeing how Karin finishes these quilts. Her quilting is just the right amount and includes ideal designs without being too fussy. It’s great how she can get them finished so nicely and out to the community.

  2. Beautiful quilts and quilting! It’s kind of like “it takes a village!” It must be a joy to see the finished project. I only do the tops myself. I loved the star quilt especially. Can I get the pattern for that?? I so rarely see one with six pointed stars! Keep up the good work!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Such lovely quilting Karin!! So happy that you received those donations to help you proceed with the wonderful work you do to comfort others in need. Thanks to all.

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