Community Quilts from Karin

Karin have been super busy and has several quilts to share today.

She writes:
First up we have a fun little kids lovely, with giraffes, elephants, zebras, monkeys, and lions, what’s not to love!
I believe this top and the backing were from Susan McC, in Austin, TX.  I did arcs, wishbones, meander, and piano keys, with half feathers in the very corners. I do NOT know why, that’s just what my hands did, lol. 

I really like how the back shows all the quilting and texture.

I used a lighted silver on top and in the bobbin. This finished up at 40×48.

This beauty came to me from Annie, in Washington state, and looks to be made from a layer cake? 
Everything coordinated nicely and was precisely pieced.

I used a medium brown thread on top, doing arcs around the outside edges and a looping meander in the inner blocks.  The backing came from you, oh so long ago, and believe it or not, a lime green thread was used in the bobbin and is just about invisible!

Do you remember this backing? I think I was in TX when I received it! This quilt finished up at 48×52. A great size for a good snuggle.

This happy quilt came to me from …

Susan McC, in Austin, and I just had to giggle—-I used some of that blue and yellow daisy fabric years ago, and if I look hard enough, I bet I could come up with a fat eighth of my own!

All different blues, greens, yellows, daisies and other florals are sure to brighten many days ahead. I backed it with a rose print, and an insert of blue, both courtesy of Annie, in Washington. Thank you ladies! She finishes up at 44×64.

I used a real pretty variegated green/blue/yellow on top and silver in the bobbin.  The quilt motif is a hook and feather connected by a meandering vine, with leaves randomly placed.
The blue is actually most accurately pictured in the first photo, it’s very pretty, and the texture shows up nicely on it.

Here comes another fun kids quilt, I think from Cresco ladies.  Animals from all over are mixed with squares of bright yellow and multicolored stripes, bordered by mint green and white stripes, then a tiny polka dotted peach print.

As you can see, it got a little crazy in that wide outer border. Using a bone (thanks for the inspiration, Ray!) thread on top, I put wishbones inside orange peels and feathers all around them, and more wishbones in the narrow outer border.  No, I don’t usually plan it out….I just drop the needle and start dancing with my machine, and that’s what results! 

The blue floral backing got an insert of the last bit of worldly I Spy fabric you sent me, Jo, and this quilt finished at 42×40.

Perfect for a little one!

I believe this may be a sister quilt to the previous one, because the bright yellows are of the same fabric.  Instead of animals though, we went into outer space and got planets and space ships among the stars!  My roll of batting us nearing the end, so I thought I would skip it for this one and just backed it with a snuggly piece of blue flannel, generously provided by Annie, from Washington state, some time ago.

I kept the quilting simple and light, mentally dividing each patch into 4 quarters and sewing arcs, which turned into orange peels.  The binding was bias tape provided by Susan McC, from Austin.  Thank you both!!!

This little lovey finished up at 38×38.  Because the flannel shrunk more than the cotton, when I laundered the finished quilt, it doesn’t exactly lay flat anymore. I’m willing to bet the recipient won’t mind a bit and will treasure it anyway!

And finally, we have one near and dear to my heart.  All sorts of EMS vehicles are alternated with HEARTbeats.

Couldn’t be any more perfect for my favorite motif, meandering hearts.  I used a dark silver on top, which really showcased the wishbones & corner hearts nicely around the border of navy blue.

The backing was another remnant from you, Jo, from a long time ago.

This one finished up at 42×50.  

All these quilts and lovies will make their way to my nearby fire station, to be distributed around the county at accidents or domestic incidents.

I don’t have the resources to do this on my own, so I am deeply grateful to you and those that have provided fabric, tops, money for batting or postage, or even simply left a kind comment or encouragement on your blog.  

From the bottom of my heart, thank you!

Awe…Karin, you couldn’t have said it better.  I to do not have the resources to make this all happen.  I find it a blessing everyday to know others are of similar mind and want to help those in need.  Look at what we are all doing together.  TEAMWORK is the key.  It’s teamwork all the way.  Thanks you all for being on the team.





6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    What lovely quilts Jo and Karen. Your quilting machine and you dancing together do lovely work. I really liked the quilt parade. I wouldn’t be able to choose one of the quilts as best they all are. So unique and fun.

  2. Beautiful work by everyone from start to finish and all points in between….
    My husband always says
    T – Together
    E – Everyone
    A – Achieves
    M – More
    I don’t know where it came from but it definitely describes this group to a T.

  3. Very nice quilts and really like the heartbeat fabric and EMTs. All nicely done. Jo, you started such a good thing with quilters. You are a blessing to many others!

  4. Margaret in North Texas

    Karin, these all turned out to be such fun finishes. You gave each your special touch! Thanks to all your “helpers” –there were many.

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