Community Quilts from Karin

I was so happy to open an email from Karin over the weekend.  She has been a busy girl with the latest bunch of community quilt tops that were sent her way.

Karin writes:
Merry Christmas! Hope you are still feeling pretty good and doing well. Grab a chuppa, and have a seat.

I have a stack of finishes for you today.

First up, we have cucumbers and tomatoes, likely from the Cresco ladies.

I used lime green thread on the top and did peacock tails all around the borders, and meandering loops inside.

The backing just recently came from Susan McC, in Austin, TX, and was perfect for this 36×44 cozy.”

“This little ballerina number looks like…
 it may have been a book or panel, with some accents added by the talented Cresco ladies.

I used light pink thread to meander loops and random hearts all over.  There’s just enough sparkle to bring smiles from a lucky little girl.

This backing also came from Susan McC, with a pink insert from my stash. It finished up at 41×53.”

Pink teddy bears on blue snowball blocks with a wide pink border were the perfect opportunity for me to relax with meandering loops hearts and FEATHERS!! I finally got the hang of gently curved feathers, but then I ran out of borders! 

The backing for this was included, I just had to piece it together.  I was glad to see that I remembered to put the bears all facing the same direction.

This one finished up at 44×54.

This one looks like another Cresco ladies patchwork. Such bright colors and fun occupational/transportation fabric accents. 

There were logging trucks, fire trucks, police cars, and busses among others.  I put loopy Ls and Es in the borders and orange peels in each block.

Again, the orange batik backing came from the very generous Susan McC in Austin, TX.  This was a little guy, just perfect for tummy time.

 It finished up at 35×41.


Cresco ladies were at it again, taking a bunch of scraps and turning them into a cuddly little 9 patch, on-point quilt!

I never would have put all these different fabric and colors together, but they did, and the result was fun to stitch!

It finished up at 32×41 and I used arcs, loops, and simple wavy lines. The orange batik backing was the remainder of the yardage Susan McC sent me.

Next up, we had a large top, 55×62, sent directly from Annie, in Washington state.

It was made in scrappy Fall colors, using only half squares triangles, and flying geese. The accuracy in piecing was inspiring and amazing.

I knew I would not have gotten all those sharp points in there, but, somehow, she managed. I wanted the piecing to shine, so I just used gold thread and did a large meander all over.

Annie also provided the metallic gold backing for me.

Here is my final finish for this week.  Also coming directly from Annie, I think it may have been my favorite one of the bunch.  I call it All My Friend Are Flakes.

Snowmen scattered about, mittens, stripes, snowflakes, oh my gosh, everything winter! (They only Winter in ever want to see again!)

Again, her piecing was flawless, so I used an all-over swoosh, with my version of snowflakes tossed in randomly. No two are alike, no matter how hard I tried!

Annie provided the blue back for sure, but, please forgive me, I cannot recall who sent the green insert I used to make it wide enough. It was either you Jo, or Susan, but it may have been Annie. I’m getting foggy in my old age (ha, who am I kidding, I have been foggy for years!!) and I didn’t put a name on it when I put it on the shelf.

This one finished up at 55×62, so it is surely going to provide a bit hug to someone in need.  The entire stack of 7 quilts of all different genres and sizes was taken to the nearby Fire Station to be distributed throughout the country as needed.  Nights are getting cold here, and I’m sure they will be given out quickly and are much appreciated.

Sincere thanks to all the hands and hearts that have contributed so much! I could never do this all on my own. Your talents and generosity are unmatched.

Wow, what a nice group of finished quilts.  There really was something for everyone!!  Thanks a bunch to Annie who sent quilts directly to Karin.  So many of the volunteer finishers were afraid that they wouldn’t get many quilts if items didn’t first come to me.  I am happy to report, so far, it’s working and I really appreciate not having so much coming my way.  THANKS, everyone for making it work.

A big shout out to the many that made these quilts come to life!!  AMAZING work Karin!  What a blessing you are.









8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. Beautiful quilts! Thanks Karin and all the sexists who made these happen. There are some fortunate recipients who will be blessed when he or she receives one of these.

  2. Judith Fairchild

    Great quilts and finishes. What a Joy to see. The little ballerina quilt was a print was a take off from paper dolls. I played with them even into my early teens. My excuse was 2 much younger sisters. What fun quilts. Thans to Karen ,Jo, and the makers of the tops and generous givers of material.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Karen, nice work on finishing these lovely quilts. Several someones will be make happy. Thanks to all who helped along the way.

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