Community Quilts from Karin

Karin sent me pictures of finished community quilts and I’m so happy to be sharing them with you today.

Karin writes:
Grab a cuppa and have a seat. I have 4 finishes for you today! First up, we have another amazing quilt from the talented Cresco ladies, perfect for the car lover!

Looks like they started with a simple little panel block and added cornerstones and map swatches, then a round of stripes, then brightened it up with rounds of yellow and green, finally reaching that pretty flame fabric that pulls it all together. I started stretching my chops on this one, quilting piano keys, freehand no less, ribbon candy, loops, and swirls and I tried a hook and point, similar to your hook and bumps. 
I may have gotten lost or boxed in once or twice, but a finish is a win, in my book. :)

For the backing, I used some great I Spy fabric, generously provided by Susan McC, from Austin, TX, and the remainder of a couple of sheets you had sent.  Batting was courtesy of your readers’ donations, thank you sooo sooo much!

Finishing up at 40 x 48, this quilt and the next 3 are going to our local fire station to comfort someone in need.  I had the pleasure of meeting the Captain last week, and he told me that they are the busiest station in the county, and all donations are gratefully received and appreciated.

Next up…

I am sharing a Fall finish, which I believe was in the big box from Susan McC, from Austin.  (I had a helper, so please forgive me if I get my sources mixed up)

Adorable little teddy bears dress up as scarecrows and play in the pumpkin patch in 12 individual panels.  Green, or maybe brown, plaid sashing separates them, and a thin border of green polka dots at top and bottom brings it to 40×50.

Funny story about the thread I used. When I bought it, in the store, I thought it was brown (what I wanted). When I started quilting, I thought it looked green. Not what I wanted, but, ok, it wasn’t bad, so I kept going.

When I got to the borders and sashings, it was back to brown again. Same thread, top, and bottom.  In case you were wondering, yep, I am color blind, and I often don’t know green from brown and blue from gray.  It worked, though, so I’m a happy camper.

For the quilting motifs, I mimicked the little swags in the corners of some of the blocks and just echoed the arches, trying to highlight the bears. I put tesselated hearts (my version of them, lol) in the sashing and connecting hearts down each side.

For the backing, I used half of a sheet you had sent and I think coordinates perfectly. It really shows off the quilting, too.  For the binding, I found a piece of fabric with really pretty Fall leaves in my closet and it was just enough to go all the way around.


This next one was a LOT of fun to do. I don’t know if it was the bright colors, or the butterflies tickling my fancy, or what, but it was fun.

I used my light gray thread on top (I will eventually buy a cone of white, I promise!) and a pretty, dark pink one on the back. I loved that I got the tension right, and the bobbin thread does NOT show on the front, yeah!!

I’m pretty sure this is a Cresco ladies project and finished up at 38×42. I put a loose meander in the middle, scrolls in the dark teal border, and gently curving lines in the wide borders.

This backing you provided could match any better, and I had enough to do a self-binding AND the next quilt too!

I believe this quilt is another finish from the amazing Cresco ladies. There was a whole lotta love put into this and I pray it will brighten someone’s day when they receive it.

It’s got some spectacular hand-embroidered heart blocks alternating with really pretty pink and purple irises (my personal favorites). There is one machine embroidered ribbon angel and one crazy patch foundation pieced heart block.

I wanted to honor the maker, so I pondered this one a while before I ever took a stitch.  Eventually, I pulled up my big girl panties and put my rendition of feathers around each applique, echoed arcs in the irises, did some relatively straight stitching in the crazy patch, and small loopy doodles around the embroidery. Ribbon candy finished the borders and, as noted earlier, the rest of that paint splatter fabric covered the back.

I loved the way the details and quilting really show up on the back.  I hope whoever gets this one finds comfort and healing from the love that was put into by the makers.

As noted, all these are going to the fire station and will be shared with people in dire situations here in Citrus County, FL. Many thanks to you and all your readers and the Cresco ladies for their generosity and compassion.  

Blessings to all, Karin”

WOW, right??  The quilts are all great.  When the tops come to me they are often a bit wrinkled.  There is often a big stack of them.  I don’t really see them individually with the right eyes until they are machine quilted and shown off with Karin’s amazing work.  We are so blessed to have Karin to work on these.  She really makes them SHINE!!

Many thanks to the Cresco ladies who made these special tops.




6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karin”

  1. WOW!!! JUST WOW !!! Karin, You have done amazing work on these tops from the Cresco ladies!! I just love to see all the love that goes into the tops from beginning to end on these quilts! It really does take a village. And Jo, it couldn’t be done without you!! So, thank you, for helping to facilitate the process along the way!!! You are such a special person!!!
    Big Hugs from SC

  2. I’m always so amazed at how the Cresco Ladies take various fabrics and make such striking quilts. They are so very creative and their work goes all over the US. Thank you Cresco Ladies.

  3. Beautiful quilts and finishes! Thanks, Karen and all the others who made these quilts. Hopefully each one will brighten a child in his or her need.

  4. The quilts are always a great example of “It takes a Village”, Jo you must be the mayor of our Village. You do so much good in this world and we all love you. As always all of the quilts are wonderful.

  5. Nikki DeRamus Moshier

    The quilts are amazing. I loved looking at all the different quilting motifs. I know the recipients will love them!

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