Community Quilts from Karen: The String Edition

I have had a flood of community quilts come in.  It’s a great “problem” to have.  I love getting emails with pictures of finished quilts!!

Karen writes:
I am sending this first batch of quilts in a few different emails because too many pictures really can gum up the works.

There are a total of 5 quilts completed in this batch.  All the tops came from you and if the measurements written on pieces of cloth are any indication, or I guess I should say unless someone besides the Cresco ladies mark their tops like this, I am assuming the tops came from them.  All five of these tops were diagonal strip blocks.

First up, this quilt measures 44X57.

I quilted this with free motion loops and hearts.  Backing and binding from my stash.  My helper who was doing bindings for me now has a full-time job, so I am on my own.  This is my first attempt at doing both front and back binding attachment by machine — it certainly is much quicker and I assume more durable than sewing the back by hand.

Quilt #2 is… 42X48 and also quilted with free motion loops and hearts.  Backing and binding from my stash.  

Quilt #3 is 42X50.  Again, backing and binding from my stash.  All of these were quilted with free motion loops and hearts.

Quilt #4 is 44X50. 

The last of the diagonal strip quilt tops is the biggest and measures 50X58.  Binding and backing from my stash.  Love the colors in this one.

Thanks for all you do in facilitating a project that is really far-reaching and appreciated wherever the donations are taking place. I think all of these tops are beautiful.  Am glad to be able to finish them and send them on to be donated to Magdeline House, which is the women’s shelter here in town.

The Cresco ladies did make all of these tops.  I likely forgot to put a note in the bag to let Karen know.  Sandra has said that they often work a “theme”…this sewing session was for string quilts.  They’ve done others that feature panel quilts, or orphan blocks.  It’s always fun to see what they come up with and even more fun to see them all finished.  Thanks to everyone who helped these quilts come to be!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen: The String Edition”

  1. I love string quilts and these are beautiful! Well done everyone! There are going to be some very blessed receivers!
    Love and prayers

  2. Such beautiful quilts all the way around!! From the Cresco Ladies to Karen ! Absolutely love the strip quilts and the quilting….great job ladies!!!

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Many hands involved in creating and finishing these wonderful string quilts! Thanks ladies and Jo for your part in the process!!

  4. I always love String quilts and these 5 are great examples of how you can turn leftover strings into lovely quilts. Well done Cresco ladies (what a great idea to have a theme to follow) and to Karen for her lovely quilting and generous gift of backings and bindings.

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