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You all might remember there was a meet-up with volunteer longarmer Ray at the end of July. I invited whoever wanted to come to come. We had several people come and it was so nice. One of the people who came was Karen Sue. Today she has quilts to share along with information about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, an organization that helps so children have a bed to sleep in. Karen Sue’s local group goes a step further and supplies quilts and bedding for kids too.

Karen writes:
I am sending a Sleep in Heavenly Peace update and pictures.

Thanks again for your write-up about Sleep in Heavenly Peace, the quilt top donations, and making available other quilt tops because of your feature for SHP in your blog.  I am always amazed at how far-reaching your blog is and the countless number of people who benefit from it.  I received 2 quilt tops from you, one from a reader in North Carolina, one from Utah, two from a reader in Washington State as well as two completed quilts that were sent in addition to the tops from Washington State.  I am sending pictures of the six that I have finished and donated (as well as pictures I took of the completed quilts that were donated).  I have 5 additional quilt tops waiting for me to quilt them.  In addition to quilt tops and completed quilts, Annie put me in touch with a local quilt shop that sent me almost 45 yards of fabric which will be used to make quilt tops.  I sponsored a Saturday all day sewing in early October and we cut out and started about 10 quilt tops, which will soon be coming back to me to be donated.  This truly is an awesome way to give back and it does “take a village”.  So far, 13 quilts have been donated to Sleep in Heavenly Peace.

Here are the first 2 quilts that were donated earlier. These two quilts were sent from Washington State made by Margaret B.  I have a couple more tops pieced by her waiting for their turn on my longarm.

These two tops came from Annie M. from Washington State.  Both were quilted using the Pantograph Crazy Puzzle. 

They measure 57X72 and are really fun quilts.  Annie supplied binding and I used fabric from my own stash for backing fabric.

These two quilts came from Connie (you sent them to me Jo).  I met Connie at the gathering in July, but I don’t remember if she is from Iowa or someplace else.  One of these quilt tops was wider than the other, so I removed rows, added a few strips from my stash and used those for the binding.  The quilting pattern is called seamless.  Backing from my stash and my friend (also a blog reader of yours) Vivian W. did the binding.  

The next quilt was sent by Kathy H. from North Carolina.  It was a pleasure to quilt this and get it ready for donation.  She provided the backing and the binding came from my stash.  She has sent me two more tops that are waiting to be quilted.  Used the pantograph Seamless on this too.  It measures 56X74.

Last in this bunch is a quilt top sent to me by Adele A. from Utah.  She also provided backing and scrappy binding.  It measures 58X76 and was quilted with the Pantograph Seamless.    I believe the pattern is Turning 20. 

Thanks again Jo for all you do to facilitate Community Quilters nationwide to piece, quilt, and donate to all worthy causes.  

I love seeing the quilts and hearing about the success that Karen Sue is having. Many thanks to those of you who donated tops or quilts. I know it’s always so exciting when organizing something to know there are people who are also interested in the same cause and will pitch in and help. I love that about all of you. Anytime I have sent out a cry for your help, you have always been right there for me. Thanks for extending that same generosity out to Karen Sue and the people working the Sleep in Heavenly Peace program. If you have a top and would like to help you can contact Karen Sue at this email address.

I wrote a blog post about the group needs HERE. Feel free to go back and read that post.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen Sue”

  1. What beautiful quilts and such good sizes. Thank you, Karen Sue, and all the other donors. There will be some very happy recipients – I can almost see the smiles.

  2. Those of us who quilt know the time, energy and expense involved in getting just to the flimsy stage. To take it to the next step is a whole other thing. Hats off to all who made this all happen. Well done !

  3. Karen Sue is a great addition to your team of volunteers. What a fantastic bunch of quilts for another deserving charity.

  4. Karen is an inspiration in our group! Thanks Karen for heading up this community effort for SHP. The Saturday work day was amazing with many hands helping. I’m still available and happy to help! Thank you Jo for getting so many people to donate. Blessings all.

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