Community Quilts from Karen R

We have a couple of Karens and a Karin who all finish quilts.  These today are from Karen R in Ohio.

Karen writes:

I got several quilts done for a donation to Project Linus.  This group of quilts was sent to me by one of your blog readers Clare Popowich from Belchertown, MA.

The first one which is the largest just needed a backing from my stash.

Her fabric to make these quilts came from a neighbor’s mother and her mother who have both passed.

The next two were on the smaller side.  These are so cute.

It was a privilege to… finish and donate these for Clare.

For this one, I added the fabric Clare sent to make it just a little bigger.

And finally this one

Wasn’t that a great quilt parade?  I love them all.  Karen did such a great job matching up backings, bindings, and tops!! These will surely be loved and enjoyed by kids.  Thanks to Karen and Clare.  You two teamed up and did some really great work for kids!!

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen R”

  1. Very colorful quilts and I really like the quilting. Thank you Karen a d Clare – great teamwork! Some little kiddos will be blessed by your generosity.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    These quilts are all so special the way they were pieced and finished

    These quilts so special the way they were pieced and finished Clare and Karen! Thank you both.

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