Community Quilts from Karen R.

Karen R has been busy working on a batch of quilts that I sent her.  I believe all of the tops were made by the Cresco Ladies.

Karen writes:
I’ve finished a few more quilts you’ve sent.  Project Linus was so grateful to get the last ones, so I’m sending these to them.

These are quilts any boy would love to have.  So simple but so striking when finished.  The sashing on the sock monkey one actually looks like sweater fabric.  I quilted these at the same time on my longarm.  
The backing fabric was a brown sheet I got at the thrift store.

Here are the others I just completed…

The backing for the one was a pencil fabric and turned out so cute. 

Thank you Jo for your generosity in sending the tops to me to complete.”

There is a story about the last quilt that Karen doesn’t even know.  I made the center of that quilt.  Do you remember me being sick after my cancer treatment last January?  Do you remember that I had a project due and I screwed up the quilt and had to remake it?

Well, that project was later published in Quilts and More.  The project was a quilt for a girl and there was a companion mini doll quilt included in the magazine.  The quilt I made wrong I later finished and sent to Ukraine.  The mini version I ended up putting in the bag of stuff and passed it on to the Cresco Ladies thinking they might add a border to it to make a usable size.

That’s exactly what they did…and didn’t they do a great job making my doll quilt shine.

The top ended being passed to Karen and what a great job she did to finish it.  So…that’s the little backstory of how that last quilt in this blog post came to be.

Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies and to Karen for all your work in making these quilts happen.  It’s no wonder that the people at Project Linus were happy to get the quilts!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen R.”

  1. Very lovely quilts! Thanks for the great quilting, Karen. The work of all these blessed people will certainly cover a person with love.

  2. Hi Jo, Wonderful quilts, love seeing the finishes. I have a question for you. You use sheets a lot for backings. Love that idea but wonder do you worry about pilling? What is your criteria when purchasing sheets for backing. I love following your blog and your videos are so helpful. They give me quilting courage. Ha ha

    1. Diane. In FULL disclosure, I use flat sheets that I bought at the thrift store. Most of them have been washed so if I don’t see pilling I know they are good to go on my own quilt. I know it’s for everyone but it works perfectly for my budget. The thrift stores in my area sell flat sheets for $2 each. I also buy a lot of duvet covers…they are typically $6 a piece.

  3. Margaret in North Texas

    Karen, another group of beautifully quilted quilts for Project Linus! Thanks again to you and the Cresco ladies.

  4. Great collection of quilts from the Cresco Ladies and beautifully finished by a very talented Karen. So pleased your unused doll’s quilt has been made into a Linus quilt by Karen too. So satisfying for everyone concerned. Keep up the good work, ladies! I loved hearing how well the Linus quilts were received. I often wonder how much the Charity quilts I gift are appreciated.

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