Community Quilts from Karen R

I have another batch of quilts from Karen R.  I just love getting the emails with finished quilts.  It always brightens my day!

Karen R writes:

All these quilts turned out so nice.  Thanks goes out to whoever made them.  I know they will be appreciated.”

Karen didn’t know but I believe it’s the Cresco Ladies who made these.  I really liked the one above.  It’s hard to see in the photo above but there is a boat embroidered in the center of the quilt and there is pirate-themed fabric all around it.  So cute!!

What a great backing for it too.

The next quilt…turned out really nice as well.  Can you see the bird that was fussy cut for the center of the top left block?  It takes patience to do that.  I rarely fussy cut anything.

Here is the backing…perfect.  This is really a fun quilting motif.

Karen writing again:
Does this quilt look familiar?  I usually don’t buy quilt magazines but this one caught my eye not for this pattern but for another.
When I got home and saw your pattern I had to make it.  I already had plenty of 2.5” squares and had just used the yellow for another project.  It turned out so cute and was really fast to make.  Another donation quilt out the door.

Hopefully, I’ll have the other quilts you sent finished soon. Thank you.”

For those of you who don’t recognize the quilt, this is our quilt, Fun and Games.  Here is the original.  This is my granddaughter Lilly’s baby quilt.  I made it from leftover scraps and pieces from a blog reader.  I just love getting someone else’s leftovers and making something from them.

Here is another picture from the magazine.

The pattern can be found in the June 2020 issue of American Patchwork and quilting.  It really is a quick, and easy quilt to make.  I had a lot of fun making it!!

Many thanks to Karen for finishing up the quilts I sent her way.  Many thanks for sharing our quilt and the trip down memory lane…and a HUGE shout of to the Cresco Ladies for their continued work and dedication to making so many quilt tops that are shared all around the US.

14 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen R”

  1. I love reading about your Community Quilts finishes and seeing the finished Fun and Games quilt again reminded me how much I would love to make it. Unfortunately, as I live in the UK, the possibility of getting a back copy of the magazine doesn’t work.. I found one on eBay UK but the quoted mailing charge from the USA was exorbitant! I wonder if any of your lovely followers would be willing to clip this pattern from their June 2020 magazine and mail it to me? Of course I will pay the postage.

    1. Linda, I think I may be able to hook you up. My mom has been receiving that magazine for years. I’ll come back here when I find out if she can locate it!

  2. I always enjoy reading your Community Quilts posts and today I loved seeing again your Fun and Games Quilt. I would love to get a pattern for the quilt but unfortunately, as I live in the UK, this is difficult. I found a June 2020 magazine on ebay uk but the mailing cost from the USA was exorbitant! I am wondering if one of your lovely followers has a copy they have finished with and would be willing to clip this pattern and mail it to me? Of course I would pay the mailing costs. Here’s hoping!

  3. Great quilts and finishes. Of course your quilt is very colorful and looks like one can use lots of scraps. It is always fun to see the community quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I take pause and think about the many hands that bring these beautiful quilts to the final stage for people in need.
    A quilt just says “somebody loves cares for you”.
    Thank you everyone for all you do.

  5. What wonderful quilts this morning, and the sailboat / pirate quilt is super cute. Thank you to the makers and to Karen for getting them done and ready to be loved.

  6. It is so heartening to see how the efforts of so many people combine to make such gorgeous quilts – and spread joy to the recipients! That sailboat is very cute… and isn’t it fun, Jo, to see your pattern used? Thanks for sharing!

  7. Margaret in North Texas

    Karen R, love your finishes–beautiful quilting and backings! It’s wonderful that the talented Cresco ladies
    keep supplying so many tops for finishers.

  8. I would really like a pattern for the quilting of the quilt in this blog that is Clay’s Star. The quilt didn’t have a name, but it had a fussy cut bird in the top left block. Is there a pantograph for sale of that pattern? I would be very interested in getting it.
    Your quilts shown here are so nice.

  9. I’m not sure if this reply goes directly to you, Carla or whether it appears on Jo’s blog. Never done this before! So I’m now replying to the email I asked to be sent directly to my email address. I hope you get the message somehow. I wanted to say Thank you for your kind offer to look through your Mum’s stack of magazines and am very grateful for your kindness. I look forward to hearing from you.
    Best wishes

    1. Yeah Linda, she does have that issue, we have to figure out how to connect without blaring our emails to anyone out there who would use it against us. I trust each of Jo’s legit readers, but we all know that bad eggs abound…. anyone have any ideas?

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