Community Quilts from Karen R

I have quilts to share with you from Karen R.  We have several Karens and Karins who are quilt finishers so I decided to add a last initial to try to help keep them all separated.  I know it’s likely for a reader to keep them straight.  For me, as the coordinator, it’s hard, thus the added initial.

Karen R writes:
Great news!  I was finally able to finish about half the quilts you sent.  These are smaller and will be going to Project Linus.  A guild member says they are really needed right now.

What a great backing for a kid’s quilt.  I love putting something fun on the back so the children who get the quilt can always find something to love.  If they love animals they can love the top side with the animal silhouettes.  If they like sports… they can appreciate the backing.  So fun and versatile.

This one is so cute!!  I love the classic design and Karen’s quilting looks great.

Karen writing again…
“The quilting on the one hardly shows on the front but looks great from the back.

Like you, I always check my thrift stores for sheets I can use.  Both these used sheets

I haven’t seen this quilting motif before…I really like it.

All of these quilt tops were made by the Cresco Ladies and Karen worked her magic on them…just perfect for Quilts for kids which is the group that Karin works with.

Yellow binding was the perfect choice to tie this project together.

Many thanks to Karen and the Cresco Ladies.  These all turned perfect.  I am sure they will warm the heart and bodies of some kids in the near future.

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen R”

  1. Judith Fairchild

    Wow!!!!! The quilting on these quilts is so lovely especially the last two. Some momma’s are going to love getting these quilts and the children will too.
    Side note a made two 54 inch square quilts for two of my great nieces when they were about a year old. When I gave them their quilts I laid the quilts out on the ironing board
    and had their mom’s set the girls down so they could choose their own quilt. They each aimed for a quilt and took it neither girl would put them down.
    One of my great nieces still has her quilt 29 years later. I hope she uses it for her little girl.

  2. Margaret in North Texas

    The Cresco ladies again provided some beautiful tops. Karen –I love the motif you chose for each of them.
    So lovely and the kids will be excited when they receive them. Thanks ladies!!

  3. Thanks to all involved in making these beautiful quilts. The children receiving these quilts will love them for sure. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Fantastic quilting –and each quilt looks terrific– some children will be so happy with their special quilts!!
    Really loved all of them!!

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