Community Quilts from Karen G.

Before I get to today’s post…I have a postage auction going on.  You can find it HERE.  The auction ends on Monday at 6pm centeral time.

We have several quilt finishers named Karen or Karin.  Today’s quilts were finished by Karen G.  They are all great-looking quilts.

Karen writes:
Here are the last three completed quilts from the batch of tops you sent early in 2022.  There was no indication of these where the quilt tops were from.  All three were donated through my quilt guild to Churches in Mission, which supplies quilts to our local shelters.  First up, this beauty measures 60X67 and I quilted it with pantograph Seamless, backing, and binding from my stash. 

The second quilt is…

a Halloween top which measured 51X16 and was quilted with a Batty Pantograph.  Backing and binding from my stash.


The third is a cream tonal and floral quilt that measures 54X62.  I quilted this one with the pantograph Ginger Flower.  Backing and binding from my stash.   

As always, it is a pleasure to quilt and finish these quilt tops and finish their legacy by being donated to give pleasure to others.  Not sure who pieced them but thank you for your generosity in giving to others and to you Jo for being the best quilt Good Fairy with all you do.”

Awe…that’s so sweet of you to call me a Good Fairy.  I just do what I can with what I’ve been given.  I wish I knew made these tops.  It could be the Cresco Ladies…Sandra, if you’re reading this please leave a comment and let us know if they came from your group….or whoever made them please leave a comment and let us know.  I want to credit the quilt top makers.  We couldn’t do this without you…and our finishers.  THANKS for always volunteering Karen!!

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