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Karen B has been busy working on quilts for Margaret’s Closet. Today she has three quilts to share with you.

“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…”  “Rudolph the red nosed reindeer…”  and my personal favorite…  “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas…”   These were some of the songs I was playing as I finished the latest quilts from the Cresco ladies passed on to me by Jo.

Wow!  I felt like a kid at Christmas!  In the span of one week, I received four packages.  All containing wonderful, colorful piles of material.  Most of the material is already in the form of quilt tops.  One is pieces of fabric.  I’m giddy with excitement!  One package was from Jo, one from Annie M (Washington), one from Karen H (Nebraska), and one from Jennifer V (Indiana).  Thank you SO much, ladies!  With the weather turning colder, I am not able to play with my usual outside joys.  So, I’m thrilled to have a pile of tops to play with and deliver to Martha’s Closet.  They will be featured soon.

As I sit here writing this article, it has started to snow.  So, I’m really in the spirit of Christmas.  I had three quilt tops I received from Jo at the beginning of July.  Christmas in July is a nice break from the summer heat.  Of course, I had to travel to my favorite fabric store to get coordinating fabric for the backings.  I had one of my grandkids with me for that trip.  He helped me pick out fabric for these three tops.  I think he has a pretty good eye!

First up is Christmas fabric featuring blue ornaments and presents on a neutral background.  I found a blue Christmas fabric that went with it perfectly.  This one finished at 42 x 52.  I had plenty of the backing fabric, so I also used it as a binding.

The next quilt I have to share with you is a soft Christmas palette.  The colors blend so well together.  Poinsettias, holly, candy canes, teddy bears, and trees are all featured in this quilt top.  I was able to find the perfect backing fabric for this quilt as well!  Same basic color scheme as the top, and features ornaments.  Again, I had plenty of backing, so I used the same fabric for the binding.  It finished at 47 x 52.

The last quilt in this series is my favorite.  A crazy quilt with tons of different fabrics, and all relating to Christmas!  I was thrilled to find a backing fabric that mimics the top!  What fun!  As with the other quilts, there was plenty of the backing for the binding.  This one finished at 52 x 56.

All of these quilts were quilted with the same all-over design of meandering and candy canes.  I used an off-white thread in both top and bottom.

Martha’s Closet was very happy to receive these quilts and is looking forward to receiving more.  Many thanks to everyone who has helped with this project of sharing and caring.  I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year in 2024!

What a bunch of bright and festive quilts. THANKS so much to the Cresco Ladies for all of their work putting these together. They always impress me with the fun tops they put together…and Karen B. Great Work!! The quilts turned out GREAT!!

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  1. Beautiful quilts, Karen. Thank you for working diligently to finish these quilts and donating to a very worthy cause. Thanks to all who contributed to make these.

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