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It’s been a bit since we heard from Karen B. Unfortunately she has some sad news to share along with her wonderfully finished quilt. Karen writes:

Hello everyone.  Shortly after I sent my last submission of quilts to Jo, my family experienced a sudden, unexpected death.  My son-in-law passed away in February.  We are still reeling from this event.  He was only 40.  My grandchildren are too young to really understand it all, but they are devastated.  Dealing with this event caused me to pause on my quilting for a bit.  I just didn’t have the heart to continue.  But then I remembered that I still had some quilts from Karen H (Nebraska) that I needed to finish.  The first one I pulled out was an Easter quilt.  It was so springy and colorful.  I quilted it with an all over design featuring bunnies and mod flowers to go with the center blocks of bunnies and flowers.  It was SO cute!  Quilting this quilt has started me getting back my quilting mojo.  I am grateful for this.  It measured 47×58.  I used pink thread on top and a variegated purple on the back.  The purple backing came from my stash; which I also used for the binding.  It looks really dark in the picture, but it is actually a lot lighter.

The next quilt up is also a cheery one.  I really need these kinds of quilts to get me back to my normal.  The Care Bears takes me back to when my kids were little.  Fond memories!  It measures 49×55.  I had some flannel fabric that has been just waiting to go with a quilt.  This fit the bill!  I love flannel and fleece on quilt backs.  It makes them so soft and warm.  I used a warm grey colored thread and quilted with a meandering pattern with teddy bears.  I have to admit, the thread calls itself warm grey, but to me it looks like it’s a “natural” color.  One thing I did on this quilt was use the flannel for the binding.  Not sure that was a good idea…lol.  It made the corners a bit difficult to sew.  But I was able to get it done.

The next top I pulled out to work on is a quilt of 5” squares of blues.  It makes me feel calm, which is needed a lot lately.  It measures 45”x65”.  I had a couple of different blue fabrics that I sewed together to create the backing.  And then I used some of the blue also for the binding.  I quilted it all over in a meandering pattern using warm grey thread.

The next top from Karen H. is set on point.  To me it speaks of elegance; I’m not sure why, but it does.  Perhaps it’s the beautiful paisley print that was used?  I had some red batik that I used as a backing and binding.  It measures 52”x52”.  I quilted it with a paisley type of all over design using grey on the top and red on the back.

All of these quilts were donated to Martha’s Closet.  Martha’s Closet is a clothing ministry serving people in our community who are starting over with their lives after getting out of desperate situations.  I recently received an email from them.  I’d like to pass along what they said:  “All your quilts are gone and they went very quickly. I can’t really say about the sizes but I do know that the baby quilts went right away after we put them out to our guests.  Everyone really thought they were lovely.  We appreciate your willingness to make them and donate them to Martha’s Closet!”  I just wanted to let everyone know that the work you do is SO needed and appreciated!  Thank you for all your efforts.  As we spread the love through our quilts, I believe it creates ripples that extend outwards into our communities.

Also, a big thank you to Karen H (Nebraska).  Your cheery quilts are beginning to lift me out of a well of sorrow and back into the light of day.  Sometimes quilters themselves need a virtual hug.  Through your donations, I am feeling the love that flows from all the quilters out there.  I know that if I can feel this, then the people who actually received the finished quilts are definitely feeling the love as well!

Also, I’d like to give a big shout out to Jo for sending me a roll of batting!  It is very much appreciated!  I also received a donation from Sandra S in Alabama.  Many thanks to her as well.  These gifts really help me out.  As time goes by, I have many more quilts to share with all of you.  Each one represents gifts of time and talent, as well as the fabrics.  These gifts make a difference in people’s lives, usually at a time when they feel the least loved.  Thank you all for sharing your love!

What a hard loss for Karen and her family. Quilting is a wonderful solice in the storm of life. I’m so glad those quilts were there waiting for you to work on, Karen. Many thanks to the wonderful Karen H for donating these wonderful tops. Martha’s closet is an excellent organization if you are a quilter and looking for a charity to support. Great work everyone!!

12 thoughts on “Community Quilts From Karen B”

  1. Karen, I hope you continue to heal through the loss of your son-in-law through your quilting. You’ve done a lovely job finishing quilts for others and helping them to heal from whatever they may be going through as well.

  2. Is never easy to lose a loved one, but somehow harder when young children are involved. May the God of all comfort give you comfort to share with the little ones and your daughter.

  3. So sorry for your family’s loss. Your daughter and grandkids omay lean on you for support. If you are able to replenish your reserves by quilting for others, that is a blessing that goes two ways. Your quilting and descriptions are thoughtful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Such beautiful quilts. I am so sorry for your loss. I do know what it is like to lose someone so young with young children. My brother died at age of 35 and it was such a loss for his two children and our parents. Thankfully, when you felt you were ready there were quilts waiting for your expert finishes. These quilts will be so loved by somebody. Thank you for finishing them.

  5. I’m so sorry for the loss in your family!! I’m sending my deepest thoughts and prayers for you and your family! Hugs, Sandi in Alabama

  6. Karen, I’m sorry for your family’s loss and hope you know that we are all here for you. The quilting family is filled with generous hearts, and you have one that is large. I love seeing what you manage to finish and donate, blessing to you.

  7. I too am sorry for your loss. It seems extra difficult when it is your child and grand children suffering such an important loss. It isnt easy to comfort those you love when you are also grieving. Prayers of comfort for you and your family

  8. Question for Jo or anyone else out there. What type of batting do you use for the charity quilts? And where do you buy it? I am looking for a source for charity quilts that won’t break the bank for our little quilt group.

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