Community Quilts from Karen B

Karen B is a newer quilting finisher who has volunteered to join the group. You’re in for a treat as she does wonderful work. Here are three of her finishes.

Karen writes:

“Hello Everyone!  It’s been a bit since I had things to share.  Family life has been a bit more important.  But, I’m back with some exciting pictures of finished quilts donated to Martha’s Closet.  Martha’s Closet is a resource for women entering back into a normal life after surviving an abusive situation.  These women usually have nothing and are grateful for our donations.

I was fortunate to receive a quilt top from Annie M from the state of Washington.  The binding was also from her.  The backing is a wonderful soft flannel from Anonymous…it finished at 59×67.  I used a natural-colored thread top and bottom and quilted it in a general meandering pattern.  I wanted to cuddle up underneath it myself when it was finished!  Annie M is a great top maker!  She is meticulous with her construction.  I feel blessed to have received a quilt top from her to finish.

With grey skies outside my windows, I appreciated seeing the next quilt top to finish.  It was sent to me by Karen H in Nebraska.  It was pieced by 104-year-old Ethel K who now resides in South Dakota.  The colors really cheered me up.  I had the perfect piece of bright yellow fabric for the backing and binding. I used yellow thread on the top and back in an all-over meandering design.  It finished at 49 inches square.

The next quilt top I pulled from the box from Karen H very much reminded me of Easter.  Must be the colors, because if you look closely, there is a Christmas fabric in it as well!  I had a perfect piece of purple fleece that was donated to me by Tina P of Indiana.  It just fits the top!  This quilt finished at 43×60.  I used a variegated purple thread top and bottom in a meandering design.

I do have a lot more to share in the near future.  I need to source some more batting.  I’m running low and am looking for a good sale somewhere.  Lol  I’m all about sales!

I also wanted to share that I have another charity to donate quilts to.  Lutheran Life Villages is a nonprofit that is committed to enhancing the lives of their residents and everyone in northeast Indiana.  Their goal is to help older adults live their lives to the fullest.  I spoke with their volunteer coordinator there and she is very excited to receive quilts for their residents.  They do prefer twin to queen size quilts if possible so they can be put on the beds.  The residents there participate in an “auction” that is held every two months.  They “bid” on donated items with “money” that is provided by the staff.  (They use fake money.)  They had a few quilts a while back, and they were the first items to be “purchased”!  So, if anyone has a desire to donate quilt tops in these sizes, I would love to receive them to finish and donate!  Please contact me at:

Until next time, happy quilting everyone!

Karen is not only talented but patient. She sent these quilts to me a bit ago and I’m finally getting them together into a post. Isn’t it fun to see all of the pretty quilts all together? Great work Karen…and thanks to the wonderful contributors who made the quilt tops!!

5 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen B”

  1. Paula E Christian

    I always enjoy seeing “Community quilts”. It makes me see what other people do with different fabrics.

  2. Great job Karen. Thanks for including a group who can also use help. That sounds like a wonderful project.
    Beautiful quilts making people happy.

  3. Hi Jo,
    Once again, your cancer update is all over the place. Here’s hoping you can re=post as I like to be kept up to date on your progress. Hugs and blessings to you and yours.
    Elissa [Australia]

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