Community Quilts From Karen and Friends

I am so excited.  Earlier this year I sent out lots of quilt tops to people who had contacted me saying they were interested in being a charity longarmer.  Now, I am starting to get some of those quilts in.  Whenever I get a new longarmer, I always take a bit of a risk.  I don’t know the people or their work so I trust that they will do a good job with what is sent their way.    By the way, I have lots of tops in and am looking for more longarmers.  You can specify what you are looking for.  I have baby sized to larger size…you can have 1 or 5 or 20.  You can use the tops to support a program your guild or group already has going.  I like to have the quilt tops done in a year’s time.  Let me know if you’re interested…here is my contact

Karen, who finished these latest tops, has proven to be an awesome longarmer and I take that as a HUGE blessing.

Karen writes:
After your blog posts about the quilt tops you sent me in February, I received a total of 19 tops.  10 of those you sent on from the Cresco Ladies.  I have quilted one of those, but will wait until I have a couple more done before I send pictures.

I am featuring 3 of 5 larger tops I received from Stoney M. from Wisconsin.  She included some backing fabric.

The first one is Chinese Coins and is 76X84.

She provided the backing fabric, the binding fabric came from my stash.  I quilted this with the pantograph Summer Blooms.

One of the emails I received was from a local woman, who reads your blog and wanted to help.  Vivian has been working on binding on some of the tops I am quilting.  So, a shout out to her as she did the binding on the next two.

 Stoney called this one Native Prints…. It measures 72X72.

Since the solid squares all had swirl patterns, I free hand quilted this one with swirls.  Stoney provided the backing and the binding came from my stash.

#3 is Irish Chain and measures 70X80.
I quilted this with pantograph Hearts in Bloom.  The backing and binding came from my stash.

All three of these will be donated to the Women’s Shelter here in town.  They like to have the bigger quilts to use as bedspreads. 

I will send the next group soon.

Thanks so much for working on these Karen.  It’s awesome to see all you have accomplished already.  A big thanks to Stoney too.  She has been on a big roll finishing quilts for charity.  I got a note from Ray a bit ago.  She sent quilt tops his way too…and she sent fabric to the Cresco ladies.  I sure appreciate all you guys to make the community quilt project such a success!!

11 thoughts on “Community Quilts From Karen and Friends”

  1. It so encourages me to see the fruits of such wonderful cooperation! This restores my faith in people at a time when so much seeks to destroy that faith. And in the center of it all is Jo, a force to be reckoned with!!!! Thank you all.

  2. As the creator of these tops, I am grateful to Jo for her coordination of this project because I just cannot quilt anymore on my domestic machine. Health challenges have begun to impact what I can do, so I am grateful to Karen and Ray for their creative gifts. I once worked at a women’s shelter as a volunteer and was hired later as their coordinator of volunteers, so I am very pleased to know that Karen has a wonderful shelter to donate these to. I looked up this shelter on the internet and I feel good about their setup. Thanks to Vivian for her help in binding. And to everyone else, thank you for the supportive comments. This world of ours needs more kindness, compassion and understanding and I, for one, am willing to step up and do my part.

  3. The quilt tops and backing that were donated for long arming look wonderful. It will be a blessing for someone in need to receive a comfortable, cozy quilt.
    On another note, after reading your blog about the storm “Drencho” in Iowa on Monday , is there a need for quilts ? It would be a great way to donate to those displaced by the storm. Thank you Jo for all you do for the community.

  4. Judith Fairchild

    I live how a fairly simple pattern becomes a work of art by the use of colors and prints plus solids. Gorgeous this Stoney. Great quilting Karen and Vivian. Thanks for sharing Jo.

  5. I love how selfless all these ladies are with their donations, quilting, finishing, binding. And thank you Jo for passing along all these quilts and quilters! Well Done ladies!
    Love and prayers

  6. These beautiful quilts are the result of many loving hands–your gifts really show and will be so appreciated. Well done every single one of you who help with community quilts, whether here or elsewhere. Thank you!

  7. Great teamwork and wonderful spirit of helping others so that many who need a helping hand can get it. In this difficult time it is inspiring to see how many are using their time and talent to help others.

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