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I’m late with today’s post.  I had a big dose of family over the last two days and enjoyed time with them rather than updating the blog. I knew they would all head for home this morning so I opted to write once they left rather interrupting time with them.  Onto today’s post:

I found another new longarmer.  I am tickled.  REALLY tickled.   I have gotten so many quilt tops in as of late so it’s always nice to find someone new.

Karen is the longarmer and judging from the pictures, she does an amazing job.  Karen writes:

“The first one I did was the Tumbler Block quilt (since it included backing).  Quilt top pieced and donated by Roxanne.”

“This quilt came out about 50X57.  Quilting Summer Blooms.  Binding from my stash.”

 “*Roxanne also donated a big bunch of tumbler blocks which one of the ladies in my guild is putting together.  I will quilt it when she is done.

“The second one I did was…“Pieced and Donated by Beth and was 42X54.”
“I used from my stash for backing and binding and the quilting was also Summer Blooms.”

 “Beth also donated a 62×77 quilt top that was Christmas fabric.”  

“I quilted it with an allover big meander added backing and binding from my stash.”

Oh my…AWESOME quilts!  Great job to all the people who donated to make these happen.

Everytime I get a new longarmer I always do a little plug to let you know they are open to backing or binding fabric.  Karen is also open to more quilt tops.  I’ve talked with the longarmers that work with our charity quilting projects and have asked them if they are interested in receiving quilt tops directly from blog readers.  Karen has said she would.  This will help eliminate extra postage costs.  If you send your tops directly to Karen or Ray, Celesta from the Tanzania quilt group or Ronda, then I don’t have to pay the postage to get them to them.  That would be awesome.  Everyone will still credit you for the donation when they send the tops to me to be featured on the blog.  So, this is how you can contact Karen if you are interested in sending her tops, backing or binding fabrics.

…and as always if you have questions or want to be a charity quilt longarmer you can message me here

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen”

  1. Family comes first always! Everything else can wait. I’m glad you found a new longarmer. You can never have too many!

  2. Great work by all involved. I love seeing these quilts, they’re a motivation for me to finish my quilts. Thanks to all. Beautiful work.

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