Community Quilts from Karen

I have quilts from Karen to share with you today…

Karen writes:

“I have 3 quilts recently finished that are going to Quilted Twins in FL to be shipped overseas for Ukranian Refugees.  These are all quilt tops I received from you with no indication where they came from except one.  After I read your post about collecting (I only had one done at the time) and then the addition of needing pillowcases, I also make 9 pillow cases to send with the 3 completed quilts.

Number 1 is 65X81 and is a really neat Star Block and Nine patch.  I used the pantograph Funky Fans to do the quilting.  The backing and binding fabric came from my stash.  This top is the biggest of the 16 your sent me several months ago.  Isn’t it a beautiful quilt.


Number 2 is… 49X49 with a whimsical farm fabric.  The pantograph used was Seamless, simple but effective. Again, the backing and binding fabric came from my stash.

Number 3 is 40X50 and there was a note that Patti made the top.  It was also quilted with the Pantograph Seamless.  Love the florals.  Backing and the binding fabric came from my stash.

I am also sending pictures of the 9 pillowcases I made.

My box went out in the mail well before the cut-off for quilts at the end of April.

Again, thank you for all you do to facilitate “community quilts”.

YAHOO! Awesome work Karen!! I’m so excited that even more quilts went to Quilted Twins and will be helping the people of Ukraine.  Thanks so much for putting a rush on these Karen and getting them to Quilted Twins in time for shipment.  It is such a worthy cause!!

Many thanks to those who made tops and donated.  I’m guessing quilts one and two were made by the Cresco Ladies.  I think I remember seeing them in a batch of their quilts.  Thanks Ladies!!

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  1. Beautiful quilts and great quilting. So many fortunate recipients of the love that went in to these quilts. Thanks to all!

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