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I was excited to see emails from Karen in my inbox.  Karen is a finisher from Indiana.  Karen isn’t on the page that lists finishers but if you are from the Indiana area and would like to send Karen quilt tops, I can put you in touch with her.

Karen is treating us today with six finished quilts!!

Karen writes:
Up first, this lovely top was made by Kay M from Forrest City, Iowa.  Beautiful colors made from flannel.  It measures 53X66 and Kay also included backing and binding.  I quilted it with a pantograph called Seamless, a really simple meandering with loops.

Second, is one of many you sent to me which were pieced by the Cresco, Iowa group.  This one is simple blocks with a lovely floral border.  It measures 50X50.  I quilted it with the same panto (Seamless) and used backing and binding from my stash.

Here are the next two….  Both of these were also made by the Cresco Ladies.

#3  is a really bright-colored quilt with what looked kind of like a panel but was actually rows of different prints.  I quilted this with the panto Seamless and used fabric from my stash for backing and binding.

#4  is simple blocks and measures 52X60.  This had a border but I discovered that it was holey (not holy) so I removed the borders and it was still a good size.  I quilted this with 4 block flowers on the top and bottom and crosshatches on the rest of the quilt.  Backing and binding came from my Stash.

This is the last of the bunch.  Both of these came from you and were made by the Cresco ladies.


#5 is simple blocks with border and measures 62X68.  I quilted this with a simple crosshatch.  Backing and border fabric came from my stash.

#6  is bright blocks with border added and measures 60X60.  I quilted this freehand with an all over meander.  Backing and binding came from my stash.

This completes this big batch of tops that I received from you late last year.  I also received several tops from others around the same time for a total of: 29 quilt tops.  The biggest number came from you but I did receive several from your readers.  4 of them were blocks that had to be put together.

All of this group (6 total) are being donated to the local Churches in Mission.”

Wow…this a great bunch of work!!  It’s so nice that Karen volunteers to finish all of these and what an accomplish to finish so many.  That’s awesome Karen.  Thanks so much to the Cresco Ladies for the tops…and to Kay for the top she sent.  It’s great to see people working together for a good cause.


6 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen”

    1. Thanks Ray. I think I remembered that you were from Indiana, now in FL. With winter quickly approaching, wish I was heading to FL.

  1. What wonderful tops and Karen you did a great job getting them done. Those that receive them will be truly blessed.

  2. What a great bunch of quilts! All beautiful and Karen did great job finishing them. Some fortunate recipients will welcome the warmth and love from these.

    1. Martinsville. Right now we are hoping they get 37 through town opened up before the weather gets too bad. Everyone is using 67 or staying on 37 and coming through town to connect back with 37/69. It is 69 just south of town all the way to Evansville. This has been closed since January 2 this year. We had just a touch of snow early last week, I’m over it and ready for spring!

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