Community Quilts from Karen

Happy emails came my way again thanks to Stoney, Karen, and Vivian.  You ladies teamed up to make some marvelous quilts.  If you’re a charity quilt maker, you’ll want to see what Stoney put together as tops.  Both are great patterns to use up scraps and donated fabrics.

Karen writes:
In this email, I am sending pictures and information about the rest of the quilt tops sent by Stoney M.    This first one measures 86X 90 is quilted with the Panto Summer Bloom.

Backing provided by Stoney, binding from my stash and I completed the binding on this one.
I sewed the back of the binding down while at my Father-In-Laws and he asked if I had the racing stripe done yet (but he was really impressed with the quilt).​

 The second one…

also pieced by Stoney is Chinese Coins and measures 84X93.  It is quilted also using the Panto Summer Bloom.
The backing and binding came from my stash and Vivian completed the binding.  

These were both donated to my quilting guild and will most likely be donated to the Women’s Shelter here in town to be used as bedspreads.  I have several more quilts completed and will send pictures and information soon.

Thank you Jo for all you do and thank you to Stoney for the donation of quilt tops and backing.”

I always smile when people thank me for the quilts….I really have a tiny link in it all and that’s it…well occasionally a little postage money but you all have been great helping with that too.  THANKS!!  I did recently get some postage money in from Ellie and I so appreciate that!!

It’s all of you who are putting the hard work into making these charity quilts happen.  I so appreciate it!  

8 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Karen”

  1. Very lovely quilts. The recipients will be lucky to get them. Thanks to all the ladies who participate in getting them completed. In the past, I’ve done some bindings for charity quilts and I love being able to be a part of the process. Anytime there is a binding need, I’m willing!

  2. These are beautiful – isn’t it wonderful how lovely simple quilts an be – and they will be so appreciated by the receiver!
    Love and prayers

  3. I really like that first quilt, it’s so colorful. Both quilts are great. Thanks to all involved, you’ve done a wonderful job.

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