Community Quilts from Julie

You all might remember Julie.  In the past, she has made lots of placemats for Meals on Wheels recipients, pillowcases for the nursing home residents, and quilts for foster care to name a few.

She’s been very busy and sent me a flood of finished projects.  Here’s a fun panel quilt she finished…

Here is a charm square quilt.  I think this was a Sweetwater fabric line.

Lots of pillowcases for the nursing home…These are sure to brighten a day.

This looks like it might be a jelly roll or charm square quilt too.
This fun design almost looks like books on a shelf.

This one is fun and scrappy…

This one looks like it might have been a block of the month…

This one is fun and perfect for a kiddo.

Check out the stars and bright colors.

Here is a 30s print beauty.

Here’s one that looks like it might be a charm square quilt…so cute.

Another baby-sized beauty.

This was a fun way to finish a panel quilt.  The colors are so awesome.

This one was fun too.  Do you suppose sheep look at the clouds and think they look alike?  HA!!

Here’s a rail fence in some pretty peach colors.

This jelly roll cutie has the cutest little triangles

Here’s a pretty one too.

Oh my…CUTENESS!!  Check out the cute little puppy quilt.

This is all scrappy goodness…

I’d call this next one a pinwheel parade.

Here is a panel quilt.  I’ve never really made panel quilts so it is always curious to me how they come together.

Julie is a dog lover so included a couple of pictures with her dogs.  So sweet…

Julie has also been busy putting some tops together that will soon be off to her longarmer.

Julie treated me to a picture that I’ll share here with you all too.  She’s making a quilt for herself.  So many who do charity work put themselves at the bottom of the list and don’t treat themselves to a new quilt now and then.

Julie lives in Spring Valley, MN which is on my way when I go to doctor appointments at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN.  It’s worked great for me to drop things off.  Well, now that I am not getting goodies in, I have nothing to drop off with Julie.  She said she’s ready for more donations but…I have nothing to send so I thought I would include Julie’s info and give you a list of the goodies she’s looking for….

Here is her email address.  If you have something that might help Julie, you can contact her at this address:

These are the things she’s looking for:

Nursing home pillowcase fabric: 1 yard, bright fun colors, patriotic, fun themes.

Coordinating fabrics for charity quilts

Larger pieces for backing

Any solid colors

Unfinished quilt tops

Warm & Natural (equivalent) batting

No scraps

I make nursing home resident pillowcases, charity quilts for those in need/fundraisers, Transplant House I have 2 local quilting groups who accept anything I don’t keep and they make for Ronald McDonald house,  homeless & woman’s shelter.

We will have a veterans home in Preston, MN in 1-2 years. I would love to do or complete QOV for them.

I also donate adult lap quilts to Transplant House after my brother’s 2 transplants.

Julie thanks you so much for considering a donation…I do too!

If you were one of the makers of one of the tops that I passed to Julie.  Please leave us a comment.  We’d love to thank you.

7 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Julie”

  1. Thank you, Julie for all that you do, what a wonderful variety of quilts and pillowcases. The troll quilts made me smile.

  2. Those were some awesome quilts. Jo, every time you feature the charity quilts it’s a mood boost. Don’t we all need reminders of the good people and good deeds in the world? I know I do. Thank you to all involved for doing what you do! Blessings.

  3. What a treat to see such beautiful creativity! What a generous spirit! Thank you for making so many quilts & pillow cases for charity!

  4. NEAT—all of those– awesome —and can imagine the thrill for the ones receiving them. Some really pretty combinations–patterns, colors. Might as well say the “whole nine yards” Another saying THANKS for your generous giving of time and talent as well as supplies.

  5. Margaret in North Texas

    Nice work, Julie. Thank you for using your talent in making these and pray you get new donations to work with.

  6. Thank you, Julie, for your creativity and beautiful finished projects, all sure to be appreciated and treasured. And, thank you, Jo, for sharing them with us. It is inspiring to see what others accomplish.

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