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I have quilts to share with your from Julie. She’s a newer finisher who volunteered when I did the big SOS for quilt finishers. Thanks for volunteering Julie.

Julie writes:

You sent 3 quilt tops to me around the middle of February, and I just finished putting the binding on the last one.  I suspect all of these are from the amazing Cresco ladies.  

I call the first one Floral Fence Rails.  It finishes at 52 x 70.  I continued with the floral theme and pulled a floral backing and binding from my stash.  It’s quilted with an all over pattern called Daisy Swirl.  

Next up is Happy 9’s. Total size on this one is 41 x 53. Many of these blocks have a cute fussy cut center, and I know there’s a kiddo somewhere who will love this quilt.  I pulled a very soft dark blue flannel for the back, and made a scrappy binding out of leftover binding pieces a friend shares with me.  It’s quilted with an all over pattern called Champagne which is really visible on the back!

Lastly, I have Pinwheel Fun.  It finished at 52 x 74.  All the pinwheels are made out of bright happy fabrics. I used a bright green teal colored floral for the back, and a neutral binding that matched the border background – both from my stash.  It’s quilted in an all over pattern called August Rain.

These quilts will all be donated to my local Tarrant County Project Linus group.  They will be thrilled to get a couple that are a little larger than baby size.

I also wanted to thank you for encouraging me to do some machine binding.  I watched your video on YouTube and tried it your way.  Didn’t like how my stitching line was all crooked on the back. 😆 Wound up sewing the binding onto the front, and then zig zagging it down from the back.  It’s the most perfect machine binding I’ve ever done – I matched the thread to the binding, and most, if not all, the zig zags wind up w/i the binding on the front.  It lays flat, and is perfect for quilts that I don’t know where will wind up!!

Have a great afternoon, and thank you for allowing me to finish these tops for you!!

Thanks so much for finishing these Julie. I think machine sewn bindings are especially appropriate for quilts that are going to be donated. They are more sturdy. I love your work. The bubble quilting motif is one I would buy immediately if I ever got a computerized machine. I’ve always loved that motif!!

Many thanks to the Cresco Ladies for making and donating the tops. We all are always in awe of all you accomplish!!

4 thoughts on “Community Quilts from Julie”

  1. Very beautiful quilts and nicely quilted and will certainly give warmth and comfort to a recipient! Thank you Julie and Cresco ladies!!

  2. Marsha from Kansas

    Wonderful quilts. Thank you for volunteering. You encourage me to try machine stitching the binding.

  3. You’re right… Project Linus WILL absolutely love those. P. S: after going to the oncology ward at Mayo with my BFF & seeing all the sick teenagers, I try to do half & half re my Project Linus quilts – half smaller (more juvenile) & half “nap size” more mature ones. I also use the ratio 3 boy quilts to every 1 girl cuz our coordinator sez they never have enough “manly” ones.

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